30th 1863
Army of Northan va
Orange C House Sept
Mrs Harris I avale my self of
writeing you a shorte letter to inform
you of my health I am glade to
say to you that I am in fine health
at this time & hope this may finde
you and family all in the same
good state of health Mrs Harris I have
no good newes to write at present
evry thing is quiet heare at this time
though the yankes is yet in frunt of
ous our pickets & the yankes is in
sight of each other I have no idea
how longe we will be in quietness
it is thought by some that thare
will be a generally engagement and
som think think not but from
apparance that thare will be somethinge
done I am sorry to say to you
that the boys in the 44 Regt has
bin quite sickley ever since I have
bin with them
[page 2]
Mrs Harris I regret verry much to
inform you of the death of my good
friend I am sorry to say to you that
Mr Harris died on the 28th inst he
had bin verry unwell for some time
though he seemed to be better the day
he died he was in ?> but a shorte
time before he died he walked a
shorte disstance from his tent he fell
he did not live but a shorte time after
he fell I got to him but fiew minutes
before he died he did not say any
thinge to me at all I done all I coulde
to sende him home but thare was
no chance I am glade to say to you
that he was nicely berried for a soldier
I attended to it and went to the court
house after his coffin I have bin
verry lonesome ever since and feare
to continure so as he was my best
briende but I hope you will not
forget me you muste write me
as soon as you get this
[page 3]
I am glade to say to you that thare
is a fine preaching goinge on in our
Brigade at this time thare has a great
meny perfessed religion & a greate many
moners [1] yet thare was a fine religious
sermond at the berringe R R Rowland
is a moner I hope thare will be
good done in the army I want you
to give my kindest regards to Miss
Roanna & tell her I hope this war will
soon ende so I can return to see
you all once more in peace give
my love to all the children and
tell Ellen that the last worde I herde
her father say she was goinge to
school & was learninge verry fast
Mr James Newton sends you &
all his beste respects & ses he woulde
be more than glade to see you all
but think thare is no prosepct of getting
home soon write soon & give me all
the newes yours moste respectfully
&c James Forrast

  1. prob. mourner (OED n1 sense 3)
September 30, 1863


Company A, 44th NC Infantry


Richard Harris's Wife


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North Carolina
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