State ten bradley Cty ten
January the 22 1863
Dear father I Seat mi Self to let
you no that I am tolerable wel at
this time I have bin sick ever sins
the fite I have ben in the hospitle ever
sinse I hav got stout A nuf to go to
the redgt but th[??] [1]
they have detald me her to cut wood
and I dont no when I will get of
to go to the ridgt I have got a tolera[ble?]
easy task I have not herd from home
sinse I left home I wod like to her
from home very well our company
is scaterd a greate deal thare is several
of them wounded I dont no how many
there is I dont no whather thar was ary one
kild or not I hav not herd from them sins
I left them I cant tel much about
the fite marion penland is her with
mea he is not abl to get about much
[page 2]
I hav hav got sad news to rite J E
mcfee is dead he dide about the 29 of last
month I wen to se him a cris mas day
I never saw him any more after that he
told me he was a going to starte home the
next morning but he did not start I ex-
pect the yanks got evy thing he had
but his bounty money I drawd it and
I am going to send it home or to ashvill
by mr richierd micbryar he is going
home on a ferlow in a dy or too I will send
it to old mr mariman I want you to go and
get it and giv it to sary or tel to get it
I wil send forty or forty five dollars
tel sary to rite to me and let me not what[??]
she gets her money or not I wod rite
to he but have not got time now tel
I wil rite to her I wod like to see you
all but icant at this time I hope
I will see you all again rite to me and
let me no how you are geting a long
and let me no how mi things is doin
[page 3]
I have lond fifty dollars to lieu tenant
hyat he said he wod rite to his father
to pay it to you I will try to send the
noat to you if I can and if I cant if
he pay it it wil bea all rite I will
keep five dollars of sarys money I have
not got much money of mi own and if
she neads the money let her have five
dollars of mie I have got a five dollar
bil of sarys money that wil not pas
there nor nor her I wil keap it and tri
to get it to her the first cance I have not
got much to rite to youns at this time
marthy I wont you to rite to me tel
S E cothran to rite I wod rite to her
ef I had time mr micbryar has agreed
to take mi note for mea he will leave
it with old mr mariman pleas atend
to this for mea rite to me and let me no
wather you get te noat and money or
not the noat is for fifty dollars
[page 4]
gorge tel me how mi things is
doing tel me what my colts
is doing and shep and hogs I must
close for this time rite soon direct
your leter to cleavland post ofis
ten so nothing more [??] presant
fare well for a while

J C mcfee to charles mcfee

  1. rest of line is either blank or covered with tape
January 22, 1863


Company E, 60th NC Infantry


John Ervin McFee's Father


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