[entire letter in the same hand, perhaps written by Margaret Fisher]

Dear husband I now take the operty of riting [1]
yo afew lines to let yo no that I am well
at this time and I hope these few lines will
find yo in the same state of health I have
received your leter with great satisfction to hear
that yo was well and tolerabl well sais fide [2]
and I thik that I will get yo off for I have got
they paper and some siners and I want to [3]
no whether the ware is agoing to end soone
or not and I am done planting my corne
and I am ageting along tolerbul well fore
porte and I want to no how yo are dooing fo [4]
something to eat and I would bee glad to see yo
againe and donte begrieve about home I will
doo all that I can to get yo off for I have
mist yo agrade since yo hav left me and I received
[page 2]
a leter frome my buther and he wrote to yo
to Stay at home as long as yo can and I would
like to send yo something if icould but there is
no boday a pasing theire at tall and this is
three leters that I have rote to yo and wll
rite to yo evry week and fisher rits that the
yankees are tell them that they are alecting
gineral Starv vation and Abern kind has come home [5]
frome the armey dead and anday honey cut wife
is dead she dide the 4 day of m[a]y and thre is some
sickness hare now but youre childrun are as weell
as yo ever saw them and margaret wants yo to
send her aring in the next leter and sarah has
got well and brother John has come to plow
and he come asonday and John carter says that
he would beglad to see yo and sow would I and
[page 3]
cand in forme yo that I hav got the promis of a cow
and I think it is beter to spend my
money for a cow than beacon at fifty cts to
one dolar per pound if yo have any thing
to rite to me rite it plane so as that I can
read it my my self and I red youre leter
my self and I hope that I will soon read them
all but then I rother see yo then A leter but
[??]how it gives me greate saties faction to get A leter
from yo and I could rite more to yo if I could rite
my self Margaret has got leather for a pare of
shoese and I pade a half a dolar for it [??]
sow I must come to a close by saying rite to me as
soone as this comes to hand sow nothing more at
present but remaines youre wife and childr
un till death Amandey E Murph to Daniel
W Murph Direct your leter to beaties ford P O
and I will send yo a plat of hare in this leter
[page 4]
brother John wants yo to rite to him as soon as yo
can get this leter and he saise that he would be
glad to see yo but he saise that if he donte see yo in
this world he sayse that he will try to mete yo
in that world whare parting is now more nothing
more at present but remains youre brother in law
untill death John L carter to Daniel W Murph

May the 6 1863
Deare brother I now seate my self this eavning to
rite yo a few lines to let yo no that I am well
at present and I hope that when these few lines
comes to hand they may find yo in the same
state of health and I would be glad to see yo agane
but if I dont see yo in this world let us try to
meete in that world whare parting is no
more nothing more at present but remaines your
brother Sister untill death Margaret C fisher to
Daniel W Murph

  1. May 6, 1863
  2. satisfide
  3. signers
  4. porte = pork?
  5. Abern = Abram?
May 6, 1863


Daniel Murphy's Wife


1st NC Artillery (10th Regiment State Troops)
Private to Sgt.


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
August, 2011
Proof Date: 

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