[the entire letter is written in the same hand, perhaps that of Margaret Fisher]

May 17 1863 Deare husband I now
take the liberty of riting you a few lines
to let yo no that we
are all well at this time and I hope that
these few lines may find yo in they same
like b[l]essing of him hoo is the giver of every
good and perfect gift I receve your kind leter May 15 with greate
satisfaction to heare that yo was well was
well at that time yo wanted to now if
mary has got right or not she has got neare [1]
abought well yo wanted to no how the wheat
and oats looks well now but I cant tell how
it will doo they corne looks well I planted
three bushel of potatoes I planted they botem
up to they b[r]idge I planted coten from the
fence down to they big pine that yo trimd
my cabitch is as big over as they water
bucket I wish that yo was heire to eate
them bet is mending evey day my hogs looks
tolerbe well I can tell yo that Joshua
was wounded in the leg Dave B was wounded
in the face with a bum shel leevie hicks and
leevie ingle come cleare I have never heard
from fisher since the fight I donte no
whether he was in the fight or not
I am agoing to they sale at [keure?] litle
a tusday to see mister burtan he has mooved
to the colage yo wanted to no all the perticklers
about home I can tell yo that bill and
frank is to be hung the 22 day of may right
whare the cild theire master I have got the
three children baptised last sunday by
mrs holeton I have nothing pertickler to yo
now but if icould rite my self I could rite a
heape more than I can tel any boday to rite
I want yo to let me now whoo if yo now any body
if yo dy to send yo home nothing more at present
[page 2]
Sister only has got well and she wants yo to
rite her aleter and send it in my leter
I want yo to send mee a ring in it margaret [2]
has plowed the corne over one time and she
hopes that yo will be at home to plow
it the next time ann and sarah has done all [3]
the howing to it they are smarte litle
girls they think that papay will be at
home some day they all want to see yo mity
bad they dont care how soon yo come home
they will all hug and buss yo when yo
com home ann says that she will send yo a
purtay in this leter and she wans yo to send
her one too sarah wants a ring like mothers and
mary wants aring and mrthey want a ring and [4]
roxan says that she is fat and purty and
wants yo to [nuss?] her susan is smart and
purty and I will kiss her for yo they conecion
is all well at present I was glad to hear that
yo received my leters that I sent to yo so that
yo could heare f[r]om us all if yo could not see
us Sow I must come to a close by saying rite as soon
as yo get thees lines I want to now if yo have
left the artilery yet or not well god bless
yo and I A E Murph to D W Murph
Deare brother I agane seat my self to rite
yo a few lines to let yo no that I am well
at this tim and hope that these lines will
find yo enjoying the same like blesing of him who
[?] they giver of evey good and perfect gift I have
nothing mutch to rite onley that I would be glad to
See yo and I want yo to send me a ring as soon as
yo can nothing more at present bu remands
your sister untell death Margaret fisher to D W Murph
[added at top of page]
Saly Moore to D [???]
and I would send yo some money if I node that
yo would get it and I will send yo another chaw of
to baco in this leter

  1. daughter Mary, b. ca. 1857
  2. the oldest daughter, b. ca. 1849
  3. daughters b. ca. 1853 and 1855
  4. daughter Martha, b. ca. 1859
May 17, 1863


Daniel Murphy's Wife


1st NC Artillery (10th Regiment State Troops)
Private to Sgt.


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
August, 2011
Proof Date: 

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