may the 25 1863
Deare husban I now take up my pen to rite yo
few li[n]es to let yo no that I am well at thiss
time and I hope that theese few lines may find
you in the same state health I have nothing of importants
to rite to yo only that I would bee glad to see yo
agane but if I dont see yo any more in this world
we will try to meete in heaven whare parting
is nomre I receivd your leter with great satisfaction
to heare that yo was well when yo rote the leter
I was soray to heare that you was our of money
I will send yo one dolar in this leter if you get
that I will send you some more I cant see Mrs [1]
burtan he is not about heare he has mooved
fourteene miles frome heare I am afrade that
my sending wont doo now good I cant get
now boday to attend to it I recon that yo thin
k that I dont try to get yo off but I want
yo at home as fast as yo want home thee
peepel sais that I could try but they dont
[page 2]
now whether it will doo any good or not yo would
beter try it youre self if yo think that it
will doo any good yo now that thare is now comidation
in peple now a d[a]ys yo no I can inform yo that we
have dry weather at this time I can tell yo
that it has not raind since the first weeke
in may I can in forme yo that we have hard times
heare at this time I am afraid that it has not
come to they worst yet they are ataking all
the meat and corne that is in they country
pore peeple must starve I can in forme yo that
I hav got acow I pade thir[t]y 33 dolars for her and
they calf I fetch her home yesterday morning I
got her at Mrs william cornelios frank and bill
was hung rite whare the cild theire m[a]ster and
bur[?]ied theire ann was at the niger han[g]ing yo
wanted a word from all they children I sent it
in the other leter to yo I have nothing more
at present but remaines youre afection ate
wife and children unintell death A E [m?]

  1. mistake for Mr.
May 25, 1863


Daniel Murphy's Wife


1st NC Artillery (10th Regiment State Troops)
Private to Sgt.


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To Municipality: 
To County: 
New Hanover
To Note: 
[near Wilmington]

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
August, 2011
Proof Date: 

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