Deare husband I seat my self to rite yo
A few lines to let yo now that we are all
well at thiss time I hope that these few
lines may find yo well I receivd your
last leter the 2 day of June it gave me greate
Satisfaction to heare that yo was well when
yo rote the leter but I was vary sory to heare was
out of money I sent yo aleter with one dolar
in it I can in forme yo I got a portiton
drawen up I got ten signers to it there is A
call out to forty 5 an the people want
sine it iwant yo to try out theire
an see if yo cant get home I want yo to
let me now what is the reason that yo
donte get now money for youre time their
I can informe yo that wheete crops is good
youre wheat is a turning to get ripe courne
crops looks well evry thing looks well
at home I heard from mthers to day
there all well an all the rest of the
of the conection is well excepting lee
sanders has cut his foot there a fighting
at feddricks burg agane Joshua rote aleter
home he sed that thay had formd a line
turn over
[page 2]
of batle an the too hicks is in the horse
pitle an leevy ingle is sick I heard that
wilminton is burnt an I want to now
whether it is sow or not an I want to now
what yo are a dooing with them canon I want
to now wether yo are to load or to drive or
to shoot them or what yo have to doo with
them I got youre leter when I was writing
thiss leter it gave me great satisfaction to
heare that yo was well when you rote the leter
an yo wanted to now how we fard for some
thing to eat I have fard beter than I
expected tp fare when yo left us I believ
that we have eat as mutch meat as we
ever eat in one seemd I wove for it the nabers
is as good as eve I saw any boday for sharig
us for me an ant bets we are ageting a
long first rate she would be glad yo could
get home agane I have got some coarn yet I
dont want yo to run away I want yo to
try to get off an if yo cant get off dont
run away I want to see yo agane but dont
greave after us we can doo beter than yo
can thare I believe that all the
consripts is all gone
[end of letter]

Date Note: 
No Date [likely June 1863]


Daniel Murphy's Wife


1st NC Artillery (10th Regiment State Troops)
Private to Sgt.


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To Municipality: 
To County: 
New Hanover
To Note: 
[near Wilmington]

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
August, 2011
Proof Date: 

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