Fort French near wilmington
June the 25th 1863 Dear wife
I again Seat myself to rite you
a few lines to let you know
that I am not well yet I
have been sick two weeks
to day I have been able to
walk about all the time
I took soom calomel when
I first took sicke we have no
docter here and the put me
on duty too soon and it fell
into my head and teeth and
salivated me a little I feel a
little better today I think if
i dont improve tolerable fast
i will go to the hospitle I
have no stomach to eat any
thin at all hardly I hope
when these few lines come to
[page 2]
your hand they may
find you all well I
have nothing of importance
to write to you at this time
only I would be glad to get
home to see you all again
I received your kind letter
the 22nd of June which gave
me much Satisfaction to hear
that you was all well and
that every thing looks well
there I want you to write to
me how long it takes a letter
to go from here home I get all
your letters in 4 days tell mary
I got her purty and that I
am glad She has not forgot
me tell her I want to know
if her head and hear has got well
i will send her a purty ring it is
[page 3]
not horn it is a button of some
kind I will send each one of yous
a button in this letter the little
one is for susan you wanted to
know what I done about the
cannon I can tell you the are
large guns called the heavy artilery
the are mounted on pivets in a forts we
cant move them only to point
them the way we want to shoot
there is 5 men works at one gun
at one time to load and shoot
they are all engaged in loading but
one he sites the gun and number
3 fires it you wanted to know how
Salt Sold here it is $12 a bushel
I want to know if aunt Betsy
is a getting any of her land worke
only what you are a working I
want to know what you can
[page 4]
get corn at now if the wheat
is good I want you to save 5 or 6
bushels for seed I want you to
sow it on the ground you can
get I want you to turn over
the oat stuble and sow rite
smart oats it is easry to rais
than corn I think we will
hear the glad tidings of peace
in our land again in six
weeks from to day but it
is a very gloomy prospect now
but there is nothing impossible
with god there is four men got
furlow rote our and send to head
quarters to go home to cut there
wheat but there furlows has not
come back yet So I must come to
a close I remain you affectionate
husband & father DW Murph to A E
Murph and children
[written across the top of pages 2 and 3]
I sent 25cts to town yesterday for some flour
I got it at the [rate?] 3 lbs to the dollar
I have 5 cts left
[added at the top of page 4]
I want you to write soon and forget
me not in your prayer to god let us
pray for each other thos we are far apart

June 25, 1863


1st NC Artillery (10th Regiment State Troops)
Private to Sgt.


Daniel Murphy's Wife


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 
New Hanover
From Note: 
Fort French


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
August, 2011
Proof Date: 

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