[this letter is in a different hand than Amanda’s previous letters]

The State of N C Lin Co
July 12 1863
Dear husband it is through
the kind protection of god
that I am again permited
to drop you a few Lins in answer
to your kind and affectionate
Letter which gave me great
Satisfaction to hear from you
But I was greatly mortified
when I heard of your affliction
I myself am well But the children
all has the hooping cough [haley?]
and Ann is the worst off
any of them But they are not
dangerous I hope I hope those
few Lins may find you in a
better situation of health than
you was when you wrote Last
you desird me to inform you
how Long it took Letters to come
from there to me it is about
4 and 5 days
[page 2]
you wanted to know if any
person was working any of
Aunt Bettesys ground exsept
myself there is no person works
it at all exsept me I get
corn at [$?]00s and a half a bushel
wheat [$?]003 a bushel wheat is
Capitol this year it is splended
now I tell you dear husband
I long for the time to come
when you shall return home
to your friends and Long cheerished
assosiations I long for the time
to come when this most cruel
war shall come to and speedy
end I wish to see you verry
Bad But it is my desire that
you should not greiv after
home nor me no more than
you can help rest contened
and put your trust in god
that you may get home and
not m[??]
[page 3]
you wanted me to save 5 or 6
Bushels of wheat for seed
I am going to do so if I live
corn Looks plourishing this
there is a great prospect
of corn accorfing to the
ground that is Cultivated
I think I will make near
enough to Bread me next
year if nothing hapends
the hogs all Looks as well
as could Be exspected for the
time of year the old mare
Looks well the potatoes
Looks splended Both irish
and sweet Susan is one
of the sweetest children you
ever saw in your Life she
can talk some Little
Martha is the pratyest one
in the crowed Ann is the
smartest one they are all
[page 4]
Sweet children they all
obey me they are the obedion
Children Marys head is very
sore outside it has not
Bealed since you Left Ann [1]
says she will send you a
prety Sarah too they Both
sends you a prety I heard
from Mothers people thursday
they are all well all the
connection is well as far as
I Know So I shall close
for this time I want you
to write to me as soon
as you get this write soon
so I remains your
affectionate wife
write soon A E Murph
write soon D W Murph

Vashti R Proctor sends [2]
you her respects

[added at top of the page]
I want you to send me
word what ailds you

  1. bealed = festered
  2. Proctor may have written the letter for Amanda
July 12, 1863


Daniel Murphy's Wife


1st NC Artillery (10th Regiment State Troops)
Private to Sgt.


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To Municipality: 
To County: 
New Hanover
To Note: 
[near Wilmington]

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
August, 2011
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