[this letter is in the same hand as the previous letter]

The State of NC Lin Co
July 26 1863
husband again through the
kind protection of the omnipot[?]
Being that I am permited to
Consume a portion of my time
in writing to you in answer to
your kind and most affectionate
Letters which gave me great
Satisfaction to hear that you
was well when Last you wrote
your Letters reached us well and
in good health you wanted to
know if I kneeded any money
you keep it tell I tell you
to send me some turn over
[page 2]
I was very much pleased to
hear that you was Better than
you have Bin I was sorroy
to hear that you was not
Satisfied I wish you could Be
satisfied for it is a Bad
feeling to Be dissatisfied
I want you to try and
Content your self the Best
you can if you can see any
sign of the war ening in
Aug content yourself that
Long they are after the conscripts
again I never received But
$20 sence you Left home I receivd
the 75 cts you sent me and my
Butons and hair I dont Know
[page 3]
where Joshuway is I dont Know
whare he is I heard he
was wounded I want you to
send me word what I must
do if I must hunt me a place
here of go to the mountain
for I hate to Leave where I am
there is a great eal of the Boys
in this neighBorhood Killed
in pensynvania and a heap
wounded I dont want you to
Come home unless you get
a furlough for I could not
se you dog hauld about
Like some here I dont want
you to Be uneasy about
me for I get plenty to eat
[page 4]
you wanted a word from
all the children all they
can say they are all [well?]
So I must [soon?]
close I want you to
take care of your self
the Best you can
write to me as soon as
you get this Letter and
tell me what to do
so I can get it [to?]
sp gppd By to you
for this time write soon
[????] A E Murph To D W Murph

July 26, 1863


Daniel Murphy's Wife


1st NC Artillery (10th Regiment State Troops)
Private to Sgt.


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To Municipality: 
To County: 
New Hanover
To Note: 
[near Wilmington]

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
August, 2011
Proof Date: 

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