Camp 14th N C Troops April the 25th 1864
My Dear Sister Mollie I [????]
Seat my Self for the purpose of writing you a
few lines to inform you that I am well at present I
hope that these few lines may find you and Little Emma
well to Day is a verry warm Day indeed and I am
Under the impression that if it Continues so warm
this Week out that we will be called to meet the
Enemy and I think that we Shall have the hardest
fight of the War I realy Shuder to think of it
but there is one Consolation I think that the
Lord is on our Side there is I have no doubt
a many Aman to fall and I may be one of
them though I Trust not for I think that the
Battle that is now that is now to be fought
[page 2]
will be the last hard fight that this army will
have to fight for if we can only whip the
Yankees this fight I think tha[t] their army
of the Potomac will play out now is the
time for eny body that wants Peace to git to
work there is a Work for all at home and
for the Soldiery in the field to perform we
Should a all unitte our Selves and pray to
Almighty God for the Victory the Soldiers has
for three long years Stood between as it were
a wall of fire between all of the Citizens
at home and they have been resting content
at home enjoying all the priviliges and comforts of life
but we have been hurling the Foe from our
Soil but as you know our Ranks have
been thinned out and when a poor private
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Soldier are Cut down by the hand of the
Enemy or by Sickness all that is Said for
him is well poor Fellow he is Dead he was
but Just let and Officer get Killed you
Can See Whole Columns in the news Papers
about him it is not the officer that does
the fighting it is the Poor Private and they
can do nothing without the help of God
When a Battle is fought and a Victory is won
the Gen Commd the Troops his name is Shouted
abroad but we Shouda give the praise to God &
not to man now Soon yea very Soon we Shall
have to meet the Great army of the Potomac
and God may See fit to turn the tide of
Favor against us Oh let us all pray for peas
and independance and I have no Doubt but
we will have it in less than four months.
There will be three men of the 5th
of this Brigade Shot on Thursday for Desertion
I hate very much to have to witness the
[page 4]
Scene but every man in this Brigade that
is not xcused by the Dr will have to go well
I have no camp news to communicate to you
so I will close for the Present Give my
love to Sister Catie and remember my
kindest regards to Mrs. Newsom and
family and kiss little Emma for
me write soon and often dont wait for
me to Answer all of your letters for some
times I dont have paper nor money and
such time so that you cant expect me
to write I remain your Loving
and Devoted Brother
George W. Rooker
Co “A” 14th N,,C,, Troops
Mollie Ramseurs Brigade
Rodes Division
Army Northern Va
Commanded by Gen Robt E Lee

April 25, 1864


Mollie Newsom's Brother
Company A, 14th NC Infantry
Private to Corporal


James W. Newsom's Wife


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
November, 2010

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