Camp Fisher March
the 1 1862
Dear Father I now
take my pen in hand to informe
you that I am well at this time and
have bin cince you left hier and If
theas fiew lines come to hand they may
find you all well I received your
letter of the 20 of Feb I was glad
to hear from you but was sorry to
hear that you was Sick you wanted me
to answer them question I will try to
answer Some of them when we went
Into the battle field we went threw
that little woods about 25 yards from
the plaice that our Boys was Burried
we come Strait across the woods and
as Soone as we got out in the old field
we fild left and about the time we got
out the yankees Commenced firing
Some of the Boys fierd then we took
out threw the woods they killed
that pile of horses next the woods
and for them over the hollow I do not
now who killed them I would
[page 2]
like to have bin with you
and Showed all a bout wheir
Fisher was killed we was up [1]
on the Side of the wood tha is the S[??]
just before we got to the top of the hill
Fisher fell Some place not far from
the first pile of horses when we Retreat
we went out threw the woods I have
nothing more to tell you on that
Subject I will tell you Some
thing about times hier we have
orders to leave hier in a moments
notice we have our knapsacks packed
ready to leave we have to cary every
thing that we take Some Say we have
to cary the tents and cooken utensels
but I do not believe that if we do
their will be a great many things
left hier we do not no whair we
a going Some thinks to Norfolk Some
to Weldon n. c. We have not got our Boxes
yet and I expect that we will not get
them atall Every thing is to [???]
up I have nothing much to writ now
they have Sent all the Sick off
Some has gon home Some to Petersburg
[page 3]
and Some to Fredricsburg
Davie Sloop Jacob Black welder & [2]
Nance when to Fredricburg yesterday [3]
I expect that we will start
tomorrow But we do not know
wheather we will or not
If we have to Start out when it is
as cold as it is now I do not no what
we will do It is the coldest now
that we have had this winter
I am a going to start with my cloaths
and two blankets I will have a heavy
load but I will take it as far as I can
I can not writ this eavening we
ar all confused very much
about leaving now when It is so
coald and the roads so bad I do not
no how we will get along the whole
armey is going to leave hier and
I do not no whair we ar a going
to but I think that we will
go neare Richmond and burn
up mannassas and the Railroad
I will come to a cloase for this
eavening write to me as before
they will come to me I recon J W Overcash
to Joseph Overcash

  1. Col. Charles F. Fisher of the 6th NC Inf., killed at 1st Bull Run
  2. David Alex Sloop and Jacob Blackwelder of Co. G
  3. Shadrach Nance of Co. G
March 1, 1862


Co. G. 6th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Rowan County, NC


Residence (County): 
Rowan County, NC


From State: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell
Transcription Date: 
February, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
March, 2011

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