December [??] 24 1862
Dear farther I will write you
a few lines to let you notha [know that] I am
well at this time and if those few lines
gets home that they may find you well
I have not he herd from hom in a god
while but I will keep riting to you
it seems to me lik yous is living at
home and dont care for us any mor
but if yous thinks tha it is rite
go ahead yous has pleanty and we have
nothing I want you to send me some
whiskey and some thing to eate as soon
as you can we have got som hard times
heare we have getin camp camp again
we are in a about 3 miles from fredericksburg
yo need not send me any clothes if we
dont draw any it will do with out
I dont want you to come on the
the count of the small pocks they
say that Barnhart in our Co has got
them he is in abou 8 feete of wheare
i stay now I think we will have
harde worke to miss them
[page 2]
I will tell you that I
got a letter from ji jim was rote
the 13 of Dec he is at St Charles
hospital Richmond va he said that
he was getting well he was able
to set up some I have not hard frome
him sinc I saw all the boyes in the 34
the day afte the battle they haf left they
are about 6 miles from hier Joseph walker
was kiled and in our co in this
fight he went out in picket and was
shot through the leg and bled to death in
about 20 mins cut the arter in his leg
and the other man was killed by a bum
struck him in the head and killed him dead
I had some candy and some cakes and
to day a doler per dozen 25 cts for a stick of
Candy I rote to you about sending somethings
home and I vever told you whear it was
it is at plasters and I want you
to get that old watch fixed and send
it out heare I did not pay much
for it you can get it fixed pretty soon
[page 3]
I want you to send me some thread
the first chance that you can
I heard that the Confedrate
money is not is not worth a thing
at home it dose very well
heare I paid 1 dolar for 2 taters
and 1 apple and [???] paid
1 dolar for 6 appel and 50 cts for
a quart of meal you may
send me a shirt or two if you can
son the seems [????] so that the lice dont
hve a god chanch we have a great many
of them at this time I think that
I will have a Christmas frolick kiling
the lice in plase of hunting rabbits
Father you can hu[n]t your game and
I will hunt mine you can take
the dogs and Catch your game and I
will take my [???] and I can catch
the most game yo may hunt geust
what you please and I can beet you
I want you to take good care of
My horse and things it may be that we
Will get home some day and [???]
[page 4]
Dec 24
Mother I will write you a
few lines I would li to be at
hom [??] more to get some thing
good to eate it may be thatt
we will get home some day
but there is a hundred chan
ces to never to wheare is none
to get home but I hope
That we will get hom a
gaine I want you to
Sende me a pare of shoes for
I am getting out and Jim
is to Send 2 pare of shoes
send big 8 and have them
maid god these have riped all to
peeces fill the soles with pegs
alover in the bottom the sole has riped
from the [??]y send us some taers
and a little Butter and a little
of amost anything that
you have so nothing more
at this time John Over[?]
to J and B Overcash

December 24, 1862


Co. G. 6th North Carolina Infantry


Residence (County): 
Rowan County, NC


From Note: 
Not Listed


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell
Transcription Date: 
February, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
March, 2011

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