January the 19 1864
Dear cousin I seat myself
this morning to informe youse that
we are all well at present and
hoping that when thes few lines
comes to hand tha will
find you all ingoying the Same
grate blessing frome heaven abov
the girles got home Safe and
Sound and full of fun tha got
home Saturday Morning we got
the letter that you Sent me
Just afew minutes before
the girls got her it had been given
to Some of the school children
and I Sopose that tha dropt
it or throwed it away and
ther was a negro found it and
sent it to uncle hughes and he
brot it afew minutes before tha
got her but I will tell you
that Joseph was gon when tha
got her
[page 2]
he started the monday before the
girls came home and it was a hard
start and we got aletter frome
James and he was well with the
Ecception of a sore lege but
he never sade what what
made it Sore his letter was Wrote
the 27 of december 1863 and he was expectin
to get to come home about new
years or soon after but we havnt
saw nor herd frome him since
and I sopose that he did not get
his furlow but he sade that he
would not get afurlow but for 18
days if he got eny at all I dont
now when cathrin is going home
nor I dont now how will go
with her I want to go with her
if I can but I dont now
whether I can or not you need not
look for her tile you see her
I must close no more at present
[??] Gibson
[page 3]
Dear Miss Christy an i seat
myself this eavning to write you
a few lines to let you no
that I am well at this time
and hoping when those few lines
come to hand they may find
well we got thru safe our
bough brought us threw safe
I want to heare how you got
home that eavening I will tel
you that we had a little snow
last knight it dont hinder us
from going a brod we are going
to John Bosts this eavning I must
tel you of the death of Mrs
Morison she was beried the day
before we got home I will tel
you the axcident which hapend
to Mr Stevenson a new yeares
day he got his house burnt down
and all that was in it i must close by asking
you to write Soon
M E Gibson to M A M O
[page 4]
Dear sister I
will write you afew lines to let you
no that I am well at this time
and hoping when those few
lines come to hand they may
find you all well well
Sis I will tel you something
about my trip we got along
better than I expected we had
to walk all the way but we
had fine walking the roads was
dry we got out to Brolies again
8 o clock and we staid thier that
knight and then we started
soon the next morning well sis
I will tel you something about
my on the cars it is sweet
Riding for shore I saw the br[?]
Bridge but I could not see what
It looked lik well sis I wille
Close S C overcash to her sister A E O

January 19, 1864


Name Variant: 
Residence (County): 
Rowan County, NC


Name Variant: 
Residence (County): 
Rowan County, NC
Name Variant: 
Manda Overcash
Residence (County): 
Rowan County, NC


From Note: 
Not Listed


To Note: 
Not listed

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell
Transcription Date: 
February, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
March, 2011

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