Near Yorktown V A
April 29 1862
My dear Father & Mother
It is with
great pleasure that I seat my self in order to let
you know how we are doing I wrote a letter
to you some three weaks a go and have not
received any answer yet I do not know
whether you have got the letter or not
and I thought I would write a few more lines
we left fort bee three weeks ago and crossed the
James river and have been on the paninsular
under the range of the yankees guns they
have throwed several bums at us but have
not damedge our regiment any only killed
our Colonels horse and shot a lieutenant leg of[f]
Our men have been expecting a large battle
here for some time but it has not come of yet
it is doubtful whether it will or not
for our men has a army numbers over a hundred
thousand we have a line of battle from york
town to mulbery Island which is some ten miles
long There has been skirmishing going on all the
time but not much damedge done yet
[page 2]
There is no telling how many troops the enemy
has We are well fortified and can give Them
a hard fight Well I recon you have herd
that we have all gon in for the war and
have reorganized our regiment but I can tell
you what is the fact we were oblige to do so
I recon you have herd all about the conscript
law we hafto all stay in the army:
There is a greateal of interruption about the law
but prehapse the law will bee for our good in the long
run I hope it will: we expected to remain in
the service any how but aimed to come home
and stay three or four weeks: we will come as
soon as we can get a furlough any how: but
it is uncertain when that will bee: it may
not be long and it may bee a long time
we canot tell: We have reorganized our CO
Our field officers are P. W. Roberts Colonel
Mr Benet [1] lieutenant Colonel. capt Dixon [2] Major 
Our Company officers are lieutean J. M. Gudger [3]
capt F M Harney [4] first lieut T D Johnston [5] 2 lieut
G W Murry [6] 3 lieut I think we have a
Clever set of officers both field and Company
It is said that all the men half to go into service
that are over eighteen and under thirty five if they do
[page 3]
and John hasto go I want him to come
to our company but he had better stay at
home until he is oblige to come for you
will kneed him: Uncle Robert Patton was
to see us last week we were very glad
to see him There was several of us give our
names to him and expected to get a transfer
to capt youngs company: we have declined
that and concluded to stay in our
old company under Colonel P W Roberts
I think he will make us a greate colonel
he has made us a noble captain he is a
strate old chap: Our companys all have
to be fild up til they number one hundred
and twentyfive men: All old regiments
and companys are to be reorganized
It will take thirty five or forty to fill
our company I think if we could
get to give old Abs boys a good whipping
here he would begaine to draw back
his forces It is reported that he has a large
number of troops between yorktown and
Newport newse we cear not how soon
they attact us if they are going to for
we want to whip them and be done
with it
[page 4]
Well I had better quit without
I had something worth relating
to you: we have a bad chance
to write here, we have to send
our letters to Smithfield to mail
them There is some talk of our brig
ade going back across the river
if we are not attacted soon:
I just have received a letter from Jane and
was truly glad to hear from you all and
glad to here that you all was well I am sory
to hear that sam is sick we have not heard
any thing from him since he left Raleigh only
what you have rote Jacob & I are getting a long
very well except a chill once and a while There is
a goodeal of chilling in our regiment now
we left out tents at fort bee: I must
close give my love to all, write when
you can direct to Smithfield Tell Jane that
She kneed not save her shangi [7] for it is uncertain
when we will come to eat it You must
excuse my bad letter for I have no ink
and cannot think of any thing worth writing
As ever your son W. M. Patton

  1. Lt. Co. R. Tyler Bennet
  2. Maj. Edward Dixon
  3. Capt. James M. Gudger
  4. Frank M. Harney
  5. Thomas D. Johnston
  6. Geroge W. Murray
  7. Shanghai rooster?
April 29, 1862


Co. F, 14th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Buncombe County, NC


Residence (County): 
Buncombe County, NC
Residence (County): 
Buncombe County, NC


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To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

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Toni Mitchell
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September, 2011
M. Ellis
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September, 2011

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