Camps of 14th Reg. N C T

Dec 11th 1862
Dear father and Mother I seat
my self to write you a few
lines to let you know that
I have got back to my company
and am well we arived in
camp on suday evening the 7th inst
and found all of the swannanoa
boys well and all the rest of
the Company the company has very
good clothes except shoes a few
of their shoes are bad we get along
very well except we had to lay over
one day at Raleigh we got transportation
from our camp in about ten miles
from Fredricksburg & about fifty
or sixty from richmond we may
have hot work here before long
the yankees are close by I here
fireing about fredreksburg now
I suppose it is a mistake about
[page 2]
J C Penland being in richmond
he has not been heard of since
he was left in mayland so I
wil bring my letter to a close
write soon direct your letters
to richmond nothing more
your son J. E. Patton

My dear Father Mother Brother & Sisters
I once
more seat my self this morning to
drop you a few lines to let you know
how I am I am enjoying better health
than I have since I left home and have
for some time I am very thakful
to you for the clothes you sent me: tell
Rebeca that I am a thousand times oblige to her
for them nice apples: they are so pretty
I do not no whether I can eat them or not
I halfto keep them to look at: Our compa
and reg are all enjoying
very good health: The health of our
[page 3]
army is generally good
in this part of the country
and I hope it will remain
so: We havent any winter
quarters or tents and no hopse
of any: we just take every thing
as it comes wet or dry cold or hot
it maters not what: we have been
travling about the most of
our time: I did think there
would bee some chance to get
a furlough this winter: some
time a go but I have give it
up as a bad egg and expect
to rest contented while the war
last if I can only have good health
I received a few lines from
Jane and was glad to hear from
youall: I cannot think of any
thing to write so nothing
more your son
W M Patton
[page 4]

I forgot I want you to write and
let me know who you left
clothes for at richmond and what sort
I have not received any of them Will says
he sold a pare of pants and some socks and
left the with white: white says he knows nothing
about them

December 11, 1862


Co. F, 14th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Buncombe County, NC
Co. F, 14th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Buncombe County, NC


Residence (County): 
Buncombe County, NC
Residence (County): 
Buncombe County, NC


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Not Listed; "Camps of 14th Reg. N C T"


To State: 
North Carolina
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Toni Mitchell
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September, 2011
M. Ellis
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September, 2011

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