1863 April [?] 26
State N C green couny camp near
hooker twon afew Miles north of ea
st of kinton after returning from meatin
g this glories Sabath day I wood drop
you a feu lines that will in form
you I hant very welll at present
my old complaint is at work on me
and has bin about a week the worst that
I ever had but i am gitten better now
I cold not set mutch ner walk mutch but i h
ad to go sum but in misry this is anu
f of this i trust these few lins will
reach you and find you well Susannah
I dream about being at home and seeing
you and wm [?] and i thaut you had
fed the cow in the half bushel and
[????] the spring and the hogs got
hit and tore hit up and I got hit and tuck
to the house and I sed susan you ort not
to let the hogs got hit all in good [??]
[?] I thaut I think if we cod be together
we cood be in pease and hapiness
[page 2]
Susannah I do want to see you the worst
I ever did in my life this is the truth
and i want to come home the worst
I ever did in life the truble and the
far I see is a most more than I can bear
this war is atrubblesom one
I ame to alter my way of living I am tired
of being bound up wors than a negro it seam
es like i never git to come home to see you
and Wm I had as live be ded as to nev
er git to see my famly Susannah
I hant got nothing strange to rite to you
I can tell you the men is arunning a way
from our rig ment rite on I think it will
be all the way the army will be brok
we had Jes as wel go back to the union
for the yankes say that we shant have
no confedersy they say they will fite
20 year longer and if they fite that long
we are whiped now for the briggade
quarter master has quit trying to get
rashons they say they cant git hit
they have left hit in the hands of
[page 3]
the regmental quarter comisary they have
to git alittle her an there gest as they can by
hit in the contry our far is bad here
I must shortley come to a close
by asken you to rite to me I send
my best love to all of my nabers
that requires after me iwill inter
line afew lins J H wingler is
gon to the horse spitle and Josef Dancy
is sick in camp D Dancy is well we
are all camp clost to gether
So fare well for a while but I
hope not all ways

From J. C. Owens

to Su Sannah Owens

Direct your letter to goles borow
N C Wain co

[page 4]
a few li[n]es to father and mother
and sisters and brothers to in for
you I am modertly well only I truley
hope when these few lins coms
to hand they may find you well and
doing well I want to see you all so bad you
dont no how bad I hant had a letter
from you in some time I reqwest you to
rite to me father I can tell you your
sons is all got to gether agane in camp an
well Mother i sent you onedollar and S[??]
by James hague some time ago
i hant nothing very strange to rite to
you at present I must shortly
come to a clos So fare well for awhile
but ihope not all ways I remain your
Son untel death if inever se no more
in life I hope i will see you in heaven
where there is no war nor nuthing
to morrow the peace of man kind there
to Rain frrever in foolness of Joy

From J C owens to George owens

April 26, 1863


Co. E, 26th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Wilkes County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From Note: 
Green County Camp


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
July, 2010
Proof Date: 

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