my Dear Wife October 2 1862
It is with the greatest
pleasure immaginable that I thake this
opportunity of writing you a few liens
to inform you that I am still in the
land of the living & enjoying tolerable
health at present hoping this may
find you all enjoying the same
blessing I ansered your kind letter
some days ago & have been exspecting
a letter from you Dump enclosed
you will find 45 Dollars pleas pay
Buck five Dollars I also send you my
degarouetype & a little sugar & some
candy for Seaf I would of sent you
more but evry thing is so hy heare you
can by any thing cheaper at home than
we can hear I want you to by any
thing that you may kneed I tried
to get you a pare of shouse but the
cheapest I could find ware worth 100
[page 2]
Dump show Seaf my degarouetyp
& tell him it is mine I tried to get
you some coffee but could not find any
fo sale in this place I am corperal of
the train gard all we have to do is
go to the train in the morning &
evening I never saw such strict
times in my life as there is in town
we cant lett a lady pass without
a pass port from the provoss I
have to turne a greate ma[n]y of them
back I cant help it but this is the law
I have the chance of seeing people from
evry part of the country I saw cousin george
& Charles Blackwell I exspect a part
of our readgement will come up to
Weldon if ours should be one of the
companys I try and come home then
if not we have severel prisners to
take up to Loulsburg [1] I want to 
be detailed to go with them
[page 3]
It will not be long before they will
get to discharging & furlouging
men & if I cant get discharged nor
furlowed I shall take one I want
you if its conventist to send me
some little thing to eate but you
kneed not put you self to much
trubel a bout it we get a plent
of meat & b but I feeal like
I want to eat something frome home
tell Seaf I shall bring him something
purty when I come home a capt or
something of that sort tell Buck
he must write to me & tell me all news
in the neighbourhood & to sell that
ould hors as soon as he gets fat
Dump write me how you are & how
you all are getting on how many
teeath has Seaf cut since I left
do not lett him fall out of the bead
[page 4]
I want you to write to me as soon
as you get this so as to lett me know
if you got the money & write me
all the news in neighbourhood
send & get you some paper ink &
envalopes. tell papa he must write
to me & tell me all news. we have
a good many women in camp at
this time they are solgers wifes
but I do not want to see you
heare for I do not think it a fit
place for any lady to be though
I had rather see you than any
other humin beaing in this world
if I was in the hospitable I would
like for you to come & see but nver
want you to come to the camp
Jack & Charley send there love to you
all give my love all the family
I remain as ever you afectionate
Housmand J.A. Patton

  1. Loulsburg = Louisburg, NC
October 2, 1862


Co. G, 47th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Granville County, NC


Name Variant: 


From Note: 
Not Listed


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Judith C. Bridges
Transcription Date: 
April, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
June, 2011

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