Camp near Orange C. H. Nov 11th 1863
My Dear Wife
I now imbrace this
oppitunity of writing you a fiew lines
to inform you how I am I have been
veary sick but I feal some better today
I am in hopes that I will get well in a
fiew dayes. I am veary glad to hear that
you all have got out of the land trad
and are going to put the land up to the
hiest bidder I am inhopes that it is so.
if that is so I want the land advertised
forthwith good notice given and aplenty
of advirtisments sent out I want one
advirtisement sent to Warrinton and
one to Weldon I think it had better be
sold on a creddit of six and twelve
months credit. Tell Buck to look out
and rent some sutible place to live at
Bell Sister Ann wrote me that Micel
is coming out this weak if the come
you can tell him we are in Camp
[page 2]
near Orange C. House on the railroad
if you send me any thing by Micel
have it put in a small box nailed up
and mark it to me put the co and reg
on it in care of Dr. Peace send me
two pare of socks some tobacco potatoes
parched wheat ground and some butter
if you come get it tell Buck to get me
some apples and send also some corn
bread what ever you do. Tell Sister
Ann to send me some potato
bisket. I get a plenty to eat such as
it is but I cant eat it I want you to
write to me as soon as you can tell
me all the news and what will
be the chance to buy some meat you
must not fail to draw what is coming to you
from the government you are intiled to it
tell [H??] Watkins to write to me and let me
hear how he is getting on I am very sorry to hear of
[??????] death Tell Buck if his leather
[page 3]
is finished I want him to have me
a good pare of shoes made you must tell
Papa to write to me and give me all the news.
I am glad to hear of the great revival you
all had at Bethel prayer is the only thing
that will bring this cruel war to a end
your nead not apprhend any danger about
me going to Tennisee there is no such
good luck I had rather go theire then to
stay hear notwithstanding I dont think
we will have any fighting at this place
northurn va is a hard place to stay.
I think our reg will come back to Peters-
burg before long I am in hopes so at
least I live in hopes of getting home
after a while I want to see you all
veary bad it would pleasure me the best
of all things to come to see you all now.
Tell sister Jane not spoil Seaf rase him rite write soon give my love
to all the family I remain your affecitonate
husband J. A. Patton

November 11, 1863


Co. G, 47th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Granville County, NC


Name Variant: 


From State: 
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To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Judith C. Bridges
Transcription Date: 
April, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
June, 2011

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