Camp near Moten ford va Sept the 21 1863
Miss R. L. Proffit Dear cousin
I take my pen in hand in order to drop you a few lines
which well inform you that I am well greately hoping
these lines may reach & find you all well I can inform
you that I received your kind letter which you sent
by Leuit Land I was vary glad to hear that you wer
all doing well I have nothing strang to write you at pres
ent we are encamped about 20 miles from orang
CH on the Rapadan river the yankees are on the
other side in plain view of us we have been expecting
a fight here for sometime but it has been delayed
for some cause or another till the present time
ther may be a fight here soon or ther may not
I cant tell I should not be suprised for a fight
to commense here at any time we have orders to keep
our rations cooked & be ready to move at a moments
warning if the yankese sould make an attact on us
here I think they will be vary apt to get awhiping I think
that is aggreed on by all our men no one seems to have
doubt but what we will whip them this time I hear
that the gard is playing a rough game with the
deseres & conscrips in wilkes poor old fellows they
wer not over half as smat as they thought they wer I
guess it would have been the best for the men
not to have runaway & conscip to have
come out & kept peace in the country as mutch as
I hope they will not leave a courdly desertes in the county
& I want them to bring all the conscrips who are able to come
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but such men Jas oforth I am in favor of letting alone
but I hear they had him & will no doubt bring him into
the servis I hear thay have taken old Billy Brownton because
they could not catch Tom & Georg that looks rather hard I
ricken Georg ant qute as popular as he thought he was he rote
back here that no one stood so fair in wilkes as the deserters
I can imform you that I saw WH the other day he is well
his Reg is in camp about one mile from here AN I suppose
is with his Reg I have not seen him I have not heard
from Thos nor Phillip since we left orang I have not heard
from Harvy Walsh since he left us I must soon bring my
letter to a close I want to come home about christmas if
I live I want you to tell Davy that she must have a fine
quilt as I shall expect her to have a fine quilting a play
& a heap of fun &c tell lilly to keep on begging and
maby peace will be made sometime tell Davy &
Lilly Mary & Martha I would like for them to write to
me as I have written to all of them since I received
a letter from them I heard the gard had taken up
Jesse J Bull I wander what they will do with him
What has one with Hamp Noris has the gard go him to
I reckon Noah Brookshir has taken to the brush again
is general Bires in wilkes tell Lilly she had
better mind or the will be taken old Andy
Man & John what has gone with them I will bring
my letter to a clos give my respects uncle Billy aunt Mnny
& all my connections & friend no more at present
but ever remain yours with greate respect
Wm Walsh

September 21, 1863


Residence (County): 
Wilkes County, GA


From State: 
From Note: 
"Camp near Moten ford"


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrew Albritton
Transcription Date: 
May, 2010
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
June, 2010

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