James Island Neare Charleston S.C. Apr. the 2 1863
Dear Cosin I now have the pleasure of informing you how
that you may have corrispondence with me if it be disirous of you
I have bin informed through one of my most hily & esteemed
fried that you was at a loss to write to me being you knew
not where to direct your letters I hope that I will be able to
accomplish this as I feel it my duty to do so & I hope that
this poor pitiful script will be acceptable with you I am realy
ashamed to let you read such a script from me for such
a hyly & esteemed cosin to read but it is a poor soldiers chance
that I now [?] & I hope that you will excuse such I
have bin informed that your health was very indiferant
I hope that when you read this that you will be enjoying the
precious blessing of health this leave me well as common
I have no news worth your attenton for there is nothing in
camp worth your attention I antisipate that we will not be
in any fight heare soon this is the day set apart for the
fall of the Sitty Charleston S.C, the yankees fired several
shots around heare yesterday for what is something than I
am not able to say when the Yankees trys this plase they
will find the heardist plase that they have ever found yet
I think from all information that I can accomplish at present
ther is 900 heavy peasis of artilery around this Sitty
you cannot go amiss for them there seems to be a plenty
& they continue to erect more baterees of guns Deare Cosin
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I would like to have the order that we should
go to N.C, I do not want to have to fight heare
for they treat us heare but how do they treat us with
contempt &c I do not feel very well satisfied about it
we wer ordered to Wilmington N.C, but S buisy
boddy had to interfeare & hinder us we get nothing
to eat heare in a manner when we wer in Savan-
nah G, A, we fared very well as fare as the people wer
able to assist us we were willing accepted of & I hope
we will get to some good plase before long I would like
to see you very much but this is an unreasonable
& inposible thing with me at preasont but I
hope the day is not fare distant when we all
can meet the day with glad & shouting hands
& return to our own homes that I mean those
that is so fortunat as to have such I have no
home at this time but I hope that I shall then
be able to have the pleasure of enjoying a home
& enjoying all of my friends & relation & acquaintences
O! how can this unholy ware exist among us for what
can we be doing for our selves look around us &
you will see that both parties are worsting them
selves I must come to a close for I think you will get very
tired of read this pease of foolishness you can direct your letters to Charleston
S,C, in care of capt Hobson Co B, 51 regt, N.C. T, So I have
The honor of being your devoted cosin untill death.
William, R, Best

April 2, 1863


"Dear Cosin"


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South Carolina
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Not listed

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Toni Mitchell
Transcription Date: 
January, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
January, 2011

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