Camp Robertson Near Kinston Jan 29th 63
Dear Brother & Sister
I Recd you very kind
(but very Short Epistle,) yesterday I was
glad to hear from you all. It found me
in fine health, and this leaves me in
the same state of health, I am in
camp in 2 miles of Kinston. I gut here last
sunday night, the compny is not here but
but will be here in a few days. I have not
saw the compay since the goldsboro battle
16th December I have been left in charge
of the baggage, I have got it all off my hands
now but, what belongs to our Company,and I
hope I will be relived of that soon, and never
be left with bagage again, you spoke of
times being so hard back ther,, my Dear Sir
you have no Idea, in fact you donte know
what hard times are,, thing may be very high
I will admit that,, but that is not hard times
yet, when the times come that you have to
travel for 2 day and nights with out any thing
to Eat, and then face the mitey peaces of canon
Belching fire and lead in your face, and
your fellow men at your side wallowing in
there Blood, that is somthing that looks like
old Mr Hard times Dear Brother Robert
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I went down to the Battle ground yestarday
that Brother Bill faught on and vewed it
there has been some fine shouting done there
I walked over some of there graves and
felt as if I could stomp them Deeper, I Saw
but very few of our men buryed there there
was buryed in one hole about ,50, our men
Dug them, and found a grate many of our
men in with theres they seperated them
and put ours to themselves, that place
now is well fortyfied now, it will take a
powerfull army to whip us there now,,
our Regt is cald in now to rest a while
and Recruit up the men and Horses and
go home some of them they are giving Evry
25th man furlough, I intend to try to go when
the compny Relives me of my Charge, although
I did not tell Hetter that for fear I could not
get off, and she would be looking for me
you said you Recd no letter from me
I have surtianly wrote, and I have wrote
to. Chas, one if not 2. and he has not Replyed
I want you all to write soon and
often and pleas dont render no Excuse
for I wont Except any,, for I know you have
time. give my kindest Regards to all
Your affectionate Brother

to R.C.C. and, Mag

January 29, 1863


Co. H, 35th North Carolina Infantry; later Co. F, 63rd North Carolina/5th NC Cavalry
Lieutenant; later private
Residence (County): 
Cabarrus County, NC


Co. C, 10th Battalion North Carolina Heavy Artillery
Residence (County): 
Cabarrus County, NC
Residence (County): 
Cabarrus County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 
From Note: 
"Camp Robertson"


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
November, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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