November the 21 , 1863
Dear Wife with Pleasure I Seat
my Self to Drop you a fu lins
to let you know that I am well and fat
and I hope those fu lines ma find
you an all the famley engoying
the same Blesing of God Alexander
gut here Saterd morning with our
Boxes Safe he came by Welden
To See dixons co he Starts back mondy
Knight I Was Glad to get my Box
I think I can man it this time
I can eat any thing nothing
cums rong to me you ot ce [1] how
I can eat I recived all your leters
I gut one from John this morning
and one from mother a fu days ago
I wrote C A Caldwell one but got
no ansur the helth of our
is som beter greer in the Hosp
very lo I dont think he wil
live the rest of our mes is tolabl
well S B Call is well
[page 2]
Well Mage you requested me
to write you two or three leters
I think I have dun fine in way
of writing to you dont you think
So too mrs Mag I write you all
the nuse I can Start that I think
wold do you any good I dont get any
time to write dayligth as i am at work
and i cant git to write at night
til after 8 oclock after rool call
then i comence writing to Mag
when the rest is aslep the win blos
my canel [2] an mkes it glimer
& neve do you mind Dick tom and hary
about Soing wheat I dont low my
ground to be rented on terms
O wants in my fresh land
and I hant any doubt but tha
wod like to cum in that way So the
wheat your Self if you can git it
dun if you cant So as mech as you
can tel uncle Jo to eat his orslers
I can get the wheat cut if it is sad
[page 3]
Well Mag you wanted
R C to write too or three
letrs you must tel me what
to wri about but you
wanted Sumthing a bout
hiring Hen and Leander

I Can tel you what
hire them them if you
Can hire him as Soon
as you can give A
his price dont wait too
Long nigers will go
and Leander I Study about

him a wile to See if his
eyes wil cum Strait or
not if you git the

chance of a wagon
By it
[page 4]
I beleve [I have?]
answerd all your
request I am giting
mitey tired it is now
alevan a clock Write
Soon an often
and I will answer
give my love to all
hoo desier it and keep
Duble potion to
your Self

R C, Caldwell
to M. J. Caldwell
Hody Mage

  1. ought to see
  2. canel = candle
November 21, 1863


Co. C, 10th Battalion North Carolina Heavy Artillery
Residence (County): 
Cabarrus County, NC


Residence (County): 
Cabarrus County, NC


From Note: 
Not Listed


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
November, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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