July the 7th 1861 [1]

Dear mother
I Seat my Self
to write you a few lines
to let you know that
I am well and hope these few
lines may find you the Same
and all the family I am below
Wilmington at Camp Wyett at
this time and I am very well
Sattisfied though we are in
a very dangerous Situation where
we are we ware alarmed the
other night by the Picet guard
but the Enemy did not appear
it was Some fishers out a
fishing I will try to come
to see you the first or last of
August if I can get a furlow
to come I [??] )over( [2]
[page 2]
Mr James Robeson
Dear Sir
I am well and doing well
and hope these few lines
may find you and family
the Same I would be glad
to See you all Dear James
you must take good care
of your Self and family for
it is hard times here and I Exp-
-ect it is with you all at this

Mr Robert Sherll
Dear Sir
I write you a few lines to let
you no that I am well and
very well Satisfied and hope
this few lines may find you
and family the Same
i want you all to write
back to me as soon as this
[page 3]
comes to hand and tell
me how you are all getting
along I will tell you of my
fare I do get flour Bread
and corn bread and old
bacon and coffee aplenty and
that is all that I Can Say
I here that you all have
fine wheat crops and if you
will take my advice you
will take good care of it
for times are going to be
hard I do Expect
tell Pinkny Fric and famely
that I heard from David
Sherell the other day
and he was well and doing
well I would be glad to
See you and family Give my
respects to all Inquiring friends
[page 4]
for want of room I am complld to Sign
my name abov
James M Sherell

Mr T..J..Crofford
Dear Sir
I am well and doing well
and hope these few lines
may find you the Same
I will come to see you
as Soon as I can I will tell
you a Soldiers life is a hard
life but I think I can
Stand it Twelve months
let it be as it may tell
all of your friend to take
good care of their crops for
the times are hard now but
I do Expect that they will
be harder So I must come
to a close by saying to you all
to remember me Direct your
letters to Wilmington NC in care
of Capt Wm S Norment Camp Wyett

  1. this letters appear to be in a different than the previous letter
  2. turn the page over
July 7, 1861


Name Variant: 
Co. D, 18th North Carolina Infantry


Name Variant: 
Mother of James Sherrill
Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC
Name Variant: 


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 
From Note: 
"Camp Wyatt"


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
January, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
January, 2011

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