Decemer the 26 1863
Dare loving husban I this morning
Sete my Self to rite you a
few lines to let you no that
wee are all tolbel well at
this time and Doing the best
I can and I hope and pray those
few lines may find youe well
and a doing the best you
Can in this troblsom world
Dare loving husbon you sed
in yore letter that you was not
well when you rote that letter
whare yore bother paul brote
for me i dident git that letter
til yastrday Dare loving husban
you say youe want to no how
meney hoghs wee are fattning
wee hav killed 2 and got 5 up
yet and I want to put 2 more up
yet when we kill them out
[page 2]
Dare loving husbon I am a feard
wee wont have corn anuf to fatten
meney thare is So meney out houghs
to feede and tha Sa tha are a
goint to press all our things and
if tha Dow I Dont no how wee
will live I am So frade tha will
take that mooul from us and if tha
Do I dont no what wee will doo
Dare loving husbon I Dont no how
wee will live if tha take all our
things from us and tha have atalk
of taking our beds from us and
clothing our frocks and Jest
leve us on bed for evry in the
famley and tha wold onley leve
us too if tha Due Soo but I hope
and pray to god it will never
com to that i hope and pray
to god that wee never will com to that
that tha will take all our things
[page 3]
Dare loving husban tha will
bee a hepe of negros to bee hired
out and to bee sale the
Setzers sale is a ney yares day
lige and all them negros is to bee
sole Dare loving husban I
wich youe cold bee her
aneu yares day too and go with
mee to the Sales Dare loving
husban I want to go to the Sale
and I wold love to hire on of them
negros for I nede on of som bod
dy to helpe us to work Dare
loving husban I dont no how
wee will git along the next
next summer for wee hant got
hands anoff to git a long with
our wark lik wee otrr Dare
love I wich the Ware wold
end on time a gane for I am so
tird of haring of this war
[page 4]
Dare loving husbon
dremp about you elast knight
and I thort youe was hir at
home lik youe alwas was
Dare love I Will Send you a
box the first Chance I git
and I Will Send youe a littl
of most every thing that I hav
Dare love I Want youe to bee
Satsfide as well as youe can be
and I hope and pray to god the
time will Son com that wee can
mete on erth agane and if wee mete
on erth no more I hope wee will mete
in heven above whare parting will
bee no more but I hope and pray to
god I will see youe agane on time
more in this world it semes
like when I stody a bout youe I
must go to see you i must close
for this time Susan Setzer to Daniel
Setzer hir loving husbon

December 26, 1863


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


From Note: 
Not Listed


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Gemma Bellhouse
Transcription Date: 
June, 2010
Not listed
Proof Date: 

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