this Febuary th 11th 1864
Dare loving husban I now
Sete my Self this evening
to let youe no that wee ar all
well at present and hoping
those few lines may find
youe well and Duing the best
youe can Dare loving husban
wee ar now agon to make gardon
and plant potatoes Dare love
I will Say to you that old Mr wal
don hant made no fence on that
plase Down thar yet and he got
24 bushels of corn rent and
he take 3 lods of molases corn
and a part of hay and dont
no whether he will make the
fence or not he hant Don eney
thing yet Dare love if you
had to let betty Sigmon a had
the rent She wold a had the
fence made befor now
[page 2]
and it woldon tak mor then 3 or 4
bucheles to got the fence made
and now he gits all that corn for
nothing 24 buchels Dare love I
will Say to youe James Setzer
hant Sed eney thing about
the truck he ose nether and I dont
recon he is a gonto pay it if he can
get aroun it Dare love iwold
like to have the corn for I think
wee will nede it Dare love I
wish to the lorde in mercy that
youe was at home to fix yore things
yore Self Dare loving husbon I
hope and pray to god the time will
Sun com for this war to end so the
pore men can get home to see us
all on time agane Dare love I
want youe to bee Satsfide as
well as you can and I hope it
will bee gods will for you to
Get home agane to See us all
[page 3]
Dare loving husban I want
youe to take evrything as esea
as you can and I hope and pray
to god the time will Slip a
round Sum tim that this war
will end I hope god will have
mercy apun us som time befor
long Dare love i want youe
to put all yore trust in god
Dare love wee ar a Duing as
well as wee no how to Due
Dare love I want youe to
bee Shore and tel mee
Shorse ot to hav out of the corn
Dare loveing husban I mus
Close for this time by asking
youe to rite as Soon and
ofent and I will doo So too
nothing more only I hope to
See you beefor long and
See how you look Susan P
Setzer to Daniel Setzer
[page 4]
this Febuary 11 1863
Dear father i no Seat
my Self to let you no
that i am vell and hop
ing those few lines may
find you well and
doing the best yucan
Dear father i can say
to you that i received
the letter that you
Sent with capt Bost
I hant went to get
that knife handle yet
you Sent with Bost that nife
i had when you was at
home i broke and Swoped
off i have got a tolable good
nife i will Send to you
i can Say to you that
i am aplowing an cle
aning up for corn So i
must close for this
time Car Setzer to Daniel
Setzer rite to me Soon as you can

February 11, 1864


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC
Name Variant: 
Full name is Robert Carr Setzer, but goes by Carr
Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


Co. K, 46th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 


To Note: 
Not listed

Transcription/Proofing Info

Gemma Bellhouse
Transcription Date: 
June, 2010
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