North Carolina Madison County

Januery the 1 1864 dear wife
and children i now seat my self
this new yares day to write you a
few lines to let you no that i am
wel hopeing when theas lines come
to hand they wil find you engoy
ing the same blesing i received your
kind letter the 30 i was more then
glad to hear from you all one more
you said in your letter that you
dont get enny letters hardly thats
not my falt for i write every
weak and some times twice a
weak you say you sent five ltters
i only got three from you yet
but we cant help that i have
ent for got you all nor i don expect
to i am sorry for you to think so
i dont expect to forget you and
al i left bhind while i have a
hart to fell for you and i hope i
have that we are now in camp
twenty miles west of
ashville in Madison County
[page 2]
back you letter to Ashville
in care of capt hines you neadet
say enny thing els
in sandy mush at sandy 
mush [1] church we are feading our 
horses on th tythes the people have
to pay i dont no whre we wil go
from here we have cold wether
here but we fare tolerable well
we get a nuf to eat such as
meat and bread we by enny thing
we want to eat the people are
generly good to us we had preaching
two days and nites here and
there was a great revival a good
manny of our coumpany come as
morners i have no news of importan
to write at this time you said you
wanted me to get a furlow i dont no
when i can get one theas a good many
gone home now i now stop for
the presant on account of moven

January the 3 1864 i now
commence riteing a gane to let
you no that we are moved to
we have moved back to wards
[page 3]
ashville we are now ten
miles west of ashville but
we have to start on a scout
soon but i dont no whare to
i cant tel when i can get
to come home but when we
get back i wil try to get a
furlo i dont want you to be
oneasy try and get a long the
best you can take care of
every thing i want you to
take good care of the mare
dont let enny of your corn
go and a bove all things take
care of the children and rase
them rite i want you to
rite as soon as you get this
letter and let me no every
thing that’s going on in the
country i would be glad to
see you and get some of them
sweet patoes and beef to eat
i dont bagrude it to you all
[page 4]
i want is this i want
you not to forget me
and if i never get back i
want you to have everything
thats there and do the best you
can but i am in good sperits
and expect to get home a gane
i dont think this war can last
long for every thing is getting
so scarce now i eve get home i
can tel you more then i ever
expected to see so i close for the
presant a few words the
children i want you not
to forget me and try to do
rite and if never sea you in this
world i want to meet you in
heaven for i hope to get thear
som day then thear wil be
no more parting of wife and
children so i remain your yours
untel death so howdy wates [his son Waightstel]
Frank Lin Setzer

  1. Sandy Mush is a community in Buncombe County near Madison County
January 1, 1864


Name Variant: 
Sitzer, Satzer
McRae’s Battallion of North Carolina Cavalry; later 1st North Carolina Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Jennifer Fields
Transcription Date: 
October, 2009
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
October, 2009

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