Camp Near Welmington Jany 5 /64

Dear Wife
I seat my self to drop you a
few lines to let you no that I am W
ell at this time I hope thes few lines
may find you injoying the same
great Blessing of health I receive
your letter To Day and was glad
to hear from you and to hear that
you was well I have no nuse of
great importance to write
that would interest you the Bo
ys are generly well that man Meril
Batchilor who had The small pox
is A mending George Pitts is
sick in the Typhoid fever
I cant think that the [?] [?]
Danger of The small pox in camp
I would like to se Father very
well But as we have had A case
of small pox he is A fraid to
Come I do not think that they
is eny danger in camp
[page 2]
in camp of the small pox all
tho can Do as he Thinks Best he
is older than I am and I intend
to mind old Folks for we F[????]
In some respects if not in all give
my [?????????????????????] [1]
m A going to write her A long
letter in a Few days I have bin
thinking A bout writing to her
For some time Puss you spoke
A bout sending me some thing to
eat But you Did not have the cha
nce you need not make your self
on easy A bout it for I am far
ing very well so fer it is just
[??] one youse [???] self A [2]
bout eating give my love to
Mother Nancy Ben martha and
all the Family and be sure to
Except A portion for your sel
f give my respects to Mr Pery
and Family when you se him
[page 3]
Give my respects to lige Dally Patz
Caroline Charles Miny and
Dalys baby I would be very glad
to se all of you Tel Charles and
Ben to Be sure to take care of
Bet until I come home lige
I had much rather their with
him Maling rales [3] and Bread to 
Eat than to Be whar I am
I have no nuse of great importan
ce to write so I will close by say
ing I remain your A fection
ate Husband T. C. W. to Mrs T.C.W.

Dear Father
I will Indever to drop you a
few lines to In form you that I am
Well I hope When thes few lines
reaches you they may find you
the same I have no nuse of great
importance to write I have Bin
fixing up my house to Day when
[page 4]
you wer Down hear I had A Dirt
top on it but I have tuck it off an
put my fly ove and fixed up the
ends so it is much better I wou
ld like to se you Down now to sleep
on my Bed that I shal have I am
going to make it like in to A
Box and fill it full of hay and I
shal have A very comfortable Bed
I have Bin Busy all Day and it wi
ll take me tomorow to finish
so I thought I would write to
Night I will try to get Edmon
nds When I come Back from
Town he is ove their at work Bil
Diners Tables We have not had
no Case of the small pox since
Batchalor was taken that has
Bin A Bout 20 Days A go I her
d he was A mending George
Pitts is at the Hospitle with
Typhoid Feaver he is write sick

  1. line damaged and obscured at fold in page
  2. line damaged and obscured at fold in page
  3. mauling rails, splitting fence rails
January 5, 1864


Co. B, 13th North Carolina Infantry
Private; later sergeant
Residence (County): 
Franklin County, NC


Residence (County): 
Franklin County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Barbara Jones
Transcription Date: 
October, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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