Camp,66, Regt Martins Brig on ganeses
Farm Near Richmond va
June 11th 1864
Dear Wife
I seat my self this morning to drop you
A few lines to let you no that I am well
at this time I hope thes few lines may
Come safe to hand and find you and
all fathers family injoying the
same great blessings I received your
Lettor which you sent by John [???]
rman but the things you sent is
back in the Rear but I have got no
youse for them we will draw clothes as
soon as we get out of hear I will do
the best I can with them We have not
had no hard fiting since the 3rd when
the yankeys charged on us and we ran
them back and kild and wonded a
good meny on the 7th they come over with
A flag of truce to bery the Dead
the boys went out and trade with the
m they gave them tobaco for knives
and pipes and other things we drawed
Coffee and shuger since we have bin
hear and we have drawed onions
3 or 4 times since we have bin
hear We have sharp shotters
[page 2]
shooting all the time so does the Ene
my they dont do much Damage on
our cide as we are in our trenchs
we are on the front line and have
bin Evry since we got hear we have
had 2 Men wonde since we have bin
hear slitely James Williams Ben
upchurch and Jefferson Wiggs
Axum Joe and James is well soe
is the Joyner Boys I rote a letter to
home A few Days A go stating that
our Colonel A. D. Moer [1] was kild
he was kild at this place he was
a brave man they has bin some
talk of they ralieving us but I
dont no when the 47 and 15 Regts is
hear some whare some of the boys
was out to the 15th the other Day they
saw Bill swanson and some of the
of the rest of the boys they wer we
ll Write me in your Next how to
Direct Leters to Ben and I will write
To him I would go to se the 47th
but it seems like I cant get the chan
ce In fact it is Dangerous walking
A bout hear in the Day or Night
[page 3]
unless you could keep behind the
brest works And the 47th is so
far off that I dont no as we could keep
behind it all the way I think they are
in reserve the 15th is on our Left
give my Love to Father Mother Nan
cy to all the family black and white
to Edmmond Martha and Children
be sure to Except A portion for your
self also give my respects to Miss
Winey Miss Amy and to all inquirin
g friends I am sory to hear that
we have so much rane I am A fraid
it will ruin crops I surpose wheate
is good I would like to be at home
A bout the time Irish potatoes gits
larg Enough to Eat and snaps [2]
I hope that I shal get home by that
time If I live and nothing hapends
I hope that this may be the last bat
tle of the war Give my respects to
Marge and Bery when you see them
I am sory to hear of Wily Murry
being wonded We had A rite
smart firing the other Night
I have for got what Night it was
[page 4]
I shot 30 some of rounds my gun
got so hot I could not hardly
hold it the 66 are fiting Boys
they stand up rite they say nor
th North Carolina boys and
Georgia Boys are the best grit tha
t can started at this place
the 17th reg of our Brig Kild
and taken 1 hold reg of yankeys
we have got our Brest works
spiked hear And they Dont like
it Charge on us Write to me as
soon as you get this Direct
your Letters in care of Capt. n.
s. Mitchell Co B 66 Regt N. C T
Martins Brig write oftin for
I am all ways Anxious to hear
from home and I will do the
same so I will close by saying
Excuse bad Writing I remain
yours Affectionate Husband
Thos C. Wester
To Mrs Sarah E. Wester

  1. Col. Alexander D. Moore of the 66th NC Inf.
  2. snaps = snap beans
June 11, 1864


Co. B, 13th North Carolina Infantry
Private; later sergeant
Residence (County): 
Franklin County, NC


Residence (County): 
Franklin County, NC


From State: 
From Municipality: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

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Barbara Jones
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October, 2011
M. Ellis
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December, 2011

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