Camp Near Winchester Oct 13th 1862
Dear Father and Mother
I seat my self this morning
to drop you a Few lines to
let you Know that I am
well and hope these Few
lines comes to hand may
Find you enjoying the same
Blessing I received a letter
From you the 5 that was dated
22 ond Sept and was more than glad
to hear Fron you but I am
sorry to inform you that uncle
John Mock is dead he died the
11th of august at Richmond at
the horse pittle I tell you
I was mighty sorry to hear it
now I havent got no body
of my Kin in the army our
ordely sargent has got his mony
he drawd at Richmond he had
Forty Four dollars and he is a
gowing to send it home as
soon as he gets the chance
please Write to aunt Lucy a bout
hit as soon as you get this
I blieve that is a bout all
I can tell you a bout it
[page 2]
We have bin a doing some
hard Fighting and marching
since we left gordonsville
I have bin in all the Fights
the regiment has bin in
and thats 15 and I have
come through safe we
had a Fight at harpers Ferry
and Taken ten Thousand prisners
and Ten thousand stands arms
and 60 pieces artilery and all
their Commisary stores and
every thing they had and then
parolled them and sent them
home and then we left their
and had a Fight at
Sharpsburg and got our General
Branch Killed and now our [1]
Colonel is acting general
and I expect our col will
be general and then we
Fell Back across the potomac
and then we got in a Fight at
Sheppardstown and runn them
in the river and then we had
our Funn a Killing them as
they Crossed the river
[page 3]
I tell you we saw hard
times some times we would
have to do with out rations
2 days at a time and march
all day and mabe half the night
and then start next morning
By day light I tell you
that tries a Fellows spunk
certain I havent Fell out
nerry time since we left
Gordonsville I am the hartyest
I ever was in my life
Lieutenant Long our 2 ond Lt got
wounded at sheppardstown verry
bad but is geting better
I heard Capt speer and Lt
Bohannon was at home I am
in hopes they will come
in a Few days and help us
out in our ups and downs
For we need them mighty bad
so no more at present only
remain your loveing Son
till death W A Tesh
Direct Letters to
Gordonsville Va
[page 4]
Tell Sam and John [2]
to be good Boys till I
come home Give my
love and best respects
to George and Thomas Brann
and all the Girles and tell
them I would like to
see them but dont expect
will soon if ever I do
For their haint no chance
to get a Furlow now unless
a man be sick so as he w
be Fit For service in a 2 or
3 months orels Wounded [3]
Give my love and best respects
to C Hauser and Jane
and Miss rosela seat and ss
and Mr Stewarts girls and all
the Neighbers
WA Tesh to Family

  1. Brigadier General Lawrence O'Bryan Branch from North Carolina died on September 17, 1862 at the Battle of Antietam, also known as the Battle of Sharpsburg.
  2. his younger brothers
  3. orels = or else
October 13, 1862


Co. I, 28th North Carolina Infantry
Private; later corporal
Residence (County): 
Yadkin County, NC


Residence (County): 
Yadkin County, NC
Name Variant: 
given name is Mary, but goes by Molly
Residence (County): 
Yadkin County, NC


From State: 
From Municipality: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date Note: 
not listed
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
January, 2011

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