Yad kin NC
August th 24 63
Dear and much respected
son I seat my self to drop
you afew Lines to let you no
that we are all well and
truly hope these few lines
will find you enjoying
the same Blessing we
received your kind letter
the 22 and was truly glad
to hear from you and hear that
you was well but I am afraid
that your health is not good
as it has ben by your being
so poor but your having
to take such long hard
marches I recon is the reason
you have got so poor I hope
you will recruit up again
before long I want you to
rite to me if your health
is good as it was when you was
at home your Father and John
is still going with the machine tha are [1]
over in davy County now and
will be for about two
weakes your Father says he
never saw as good wheat in
all his life as their is over
there tha are doing good bisness
there and it is a good thing
for the dry weather is ruining
the corn crops it was so wet
a while people could not tend
there corn now it stands in the
grass and not 1 third of it has
year it so by now it will
never [????] our corn in the best
[page 2]
up land corn there is about
here and there going with the
Machine tha will get wheat
Oats and rhy you now that
will all be a help you wrote
you would to be at home to eat
beans william I could not
give you a mess of beens if you
was here for I dont get [?] now
the dry wether has ruind them
and nearly all my cucumbers
to but I have nice potatoes
and some onions to and if it
rains some I shall have a fine
chance of cabage I wish only
you was here I could fix you som
ting to eat if live I intend
to make a fine tub of craut
and I think shorly you will
get to come some time this
fall or winter then you can have
some I will make all the surrup
I can and will save you some
we have a very fine sweet potato
pach if it dont stay dry to
long I think tha will be fine
I am glad you drawd some money
I would by avery thing to eat
that I could get I would not
care what it cost if I had
the money to by well you rote
the boys had ben runing
away but you never intended
to I would not eather but I
want to see you as bad as
ever a Mother could want to
see her son but a body
would be in adread for fear
tha would be punisht or killd
or something else a body
could not stand I hope the time
will soon come when you boys
can come home honarable
and in peace that will be
better than all
[page 3]
William I must tell you
about the two days meeting we
had up at union last Thursday
and Friday the sircuit preacher
had his name is whilsington
he is the best Methodist preacher
I nearly ever heard much there
was prefest I will tell you
who tha are Nancy and susan Brand
Mary ann philips Bug gordon
our jane henretia and
one of old saws Blacks girls
and there was several mounas [2]
beck gardone was a mornour
tha all joind the church but
bug and jane bug says she will
Join the next Meeting tha have
up there I recon Jane will join
the Badtist the first chance
she gets I hope tha will all
hold out faith full if tha do it
will be a good thing
[page 4]
I would like to now if you
have anny Meetings to go to
out there or not I would to
whether cacy ever got back
to your company or not or if
you now what became of him
I want you to take all the
care of your self that
you can and do the best you
can and write as often as
you can for we are so glad
to hear from you so I Must
Bring My letter to
a close By saying I remain
your Most affetionate Mother
un till Death
Molly tesh to W A Tesh
Miss sends her kindes
Respect to you

  1. apparently a threshing machine
  2. mourners, “moaners”
August 24, 1863


Name Variant: 
given name is Mary, but goes by Molly
Residence (County): 
Yadkin County, NC


Co. I, 28th North Carolina Infantry
Private; later corporal
Residence (County): 
Yadkin County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From County: 


To Note: 
Not listed

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date Note: 
not listed
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
January, 2011

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