Camps Bouen Meridian Miss Oct 8 1863
Dear Capt
I Recd your leter By Lt. Anderson
and was glad to hear from you but by your
leter & anderson I learn you to be in rether
a panful condition I am sorry it is So
for I know thay are a great many things
going onn in Macon that are very Disagreeabl
With you and a man of your pluck It must
Be miserabl that you have no Beter a
Way of helping your Self than you doo I
think If you was with co B you
Be Obeyed mutch Beter than you are in
Macon no doubt you wold Be mutch
Beter pleased your self I hardly know
what to think about our Hoam folkes
Turning out to Derleckting and incouraging
Dissertion from all acounts thay are but
very tru Patreotical citizens in Macon
M[??] who I thought coold of helt to South
untile the last hav lost all faith & say
come hoam Ch and lete evry thing go
[??am?] union man & Bel[?] it is right
you Spok of men Disserting tha[?] you
was not thinking off I was Surprised so
very mutch for I can tell you I doant
[page 2]
think thay was a Loyal Soaldier among
them Co B was in the fight and did
hur duty all foght like herows but P Mason [1]
jos Meton E Talant was cut prety bad th[??] [2]
Low poor felow hardly got to fire a gun until his [3]
Branes was Shot out Serg West came very nigh [4]
Being Capturd too or three times again he will
go Before in spit of the Devil Capt we don
a great deal harder fighting at chickamaga than
Murfreesburr Jo Mason Reach campes and [5]
appears like he will mak a great deal Beter Soolde[?]
than Peter Did Co is small But Beter
men doant walk than the oal part of co B
John Lov John Henry por felows was severly [6]
wound But I am in hops Both will get
well thay was Both dooing thear duty But I
cant Prase One mor than a nother all don
well except the above names and But Al [7]
Runn lik the very Devil from the start
Capt I hopt you will soon Be Relievd and
will have the plesur of meeting your compy
we wold Be glad to see you at any time but
if you had a forurfician to rout and Rile th[?]
D D Long I wold Rether you wold Stay for
I know you wold Delight in Dowing So
Excus my short and Bad leter Henry moor is coming hoam on
furlow and I am agoing to send it By him wright soon and often
to you sincer friend & wil[?] m[??] W T Tippett

  1. Pvts. Peter Mason and Joseph Melton
  2. Pvt.Eli or Ephraim Tallent
  3. poss. Pvt. Thomas Lowe
  4. Sgt. William West
  5. Pvt. Joseph B. Mason
  6. Pvts. John R. Love and John Henry
  7. poss. Pvt. Albert Young
October 8, 1863


Co. B, 39th North carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Macon County, NC




From State: 
From Note: 
"Meridian Miss"


To Note: 
Not listed

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
February, 2008
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
May, 2008

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