Oct 30th 1864
Dear Master Richard:
You sent me word some time ago to write
to you I will try to write this morning. I will now try
to give you an account of my feelings towards my young
master who is now dead. I hope and trust he is saved
I have reason to believe so by the light which he gave
me. I recken you understand it. I was not there when
he was killed I was at home I have been to the Regt
cince his death, and the times were sad and gloomy
with me. I heerd on my way of his death but I was not
surprised to hear it of his death , but was sorry I was not
with him. They told me there which affords me some
consolation that he had no need of me there that
I could have done him no good if I had been there
I understand the day before he was killed, he shaved
up nicely looked so promising for life as likely to live
as any body else Was very busy the week before he was
killed on monday, he settle up any debt he owed
any one in the Regt I reckon you understand how
the battle [1] was at the time he was killed. our army 
was falling back he was walking up and down the
line laughing and smiling it seems that all fear had
been banished from him. through all I am glad to tell
you his coat was buttoned up in the prettiest style of
uniform and in his breast pocket was his little
Testament. Master Richard I say to you it is good to be
riligious more in the army than at home we have to
give up all to relition that was the last conversation he
and I had on religion in regard to religion at home
and in the army. we talked everything. troubles sorrow
and sicknesses, we talked that while I was sick, the
evening before I left for home and that it was better
[page 2]
for a man to be in another world. he said he never
went in any battle with the expectation of coming
out safe. he seemed then to give himself up into the
hands of Providence. he would review over his life and
seemed so thankful that he had been spared
through so many battles, and he thought it must be
through the prayers of his friends at home. he did not
seem to think himself worthy of such great blessings and
favors as the Lord had given to him. when I look over the
troubles of men nowadays especially of the poor soldiers in
the army, I feel this morning that I am glad to tell
you he is not there, he is in a better world than this
Master Richard, I believe it as much as I ever believed any
thing in my life that he is at rest my heart believes
it. I say it siriously your brother loved you dearly you
were a great light in his eye. he is now where you
will have to give him no more advices but we
must try to meet him in heaven. I tell in my ex-
perience as a servant, it is great in raising children
a child when he becomes a man Either regrets or
praises the way he was raised, Master George praised
the way he was raised. I desire to be a better christian
I want to get to heaven. I hope I have your prayers
for me to do right I will try to do right. my earnist
desire is to be at rest after this life I am at home I
dont know for how long, Master Eddie says he wants
me to go with him, I will go and do the best I can
for him. I am willing to do any thing I can to help out
our struggling country. I desire to see you and talk with
you. have a long talk about one thing and another
if we ever be so fortunate as to be able to do so it will
afford me a great consolation Certainly Master Richard
I know something about trouble. My love to Miss Lou[???]
to Evelyine. Aunt Patty sends her love to you says she has pro-
fessed religion at last and will try to hold out faithful
she prays for you every day. Leah sends her Love.
your faithful servant Wash

  1. Third Winchester, 9/19/64
October 30, 1864


Residence (County): 
Halifax County, NC


Residence (County): 
Halifax County, NC


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North Carolina
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Michael Ellis
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October, 2011
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