Weldon Dec 6 1864
My Dear Pa
We have just
received news that We will hav to leave
here to morrow or next day (friday or
(saturday) Pa I am sick has been very sick
every since Wash was here. I want you
to come doun to morrow any how in the
world. I dont know what to do. I want you
to come so as to advise me and if we leave
we wont have the chance to car
and just as soon as you can spare wash
I want him. We are going to the Regiment
then. I expect to be sent to Raleigh.
My mind is sturd up so I dont know what
to write about. I send my shoes so you
can have them fixed and sent to me and
I will let those go back home. as the others
are better for <?ut?> rather than these.
you had better come don so as to hire out
your men I Reckon you can hire them
to Capt Venable for the govment
they stay here in weldon he oferd Willie
$45 dollars a month for his mars [1] man
and feed and cloth I think you can
make a good bargin I have herd of some
hiring for eight hundred dolars.
I will have my likeness taken Just as
soon as I can go to Raleigh. When
Wash comes I want him to bring some
Soap. I will send my dirty cloths
home so you can bring them if you cant
come I want brother to come. but you will
suit btter My pant are so dirty I
have borrowed a pare from Dick [???]
will send mine home to have them washed
[page 2]
you must be sure to come.
My bouels are very bad off. I did
not get Mary letter. Will sind the keys
to my trunk. I would have my cloths washd
here but havent any soap – bring some
writing paper for me a pare of shoe
strings. Will quit I cant say any
thing else now. Yours aff. son Ed Wills

  1. mars = mother’s
December 6, 1864


Co. K, 2nd Regiment North Carolina Junior Reserves
Residence (County): 
Halifax County, NC


Residence (County): 
Halifax County, NC


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Not listed

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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
October, 2011
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