Camp near Green ville
May 8th 1863
Dear Father I write you a few
Lines my helth is tolerabl good
tho not as good as it has bin
we are her in the rain with
out Tents our orders was when
we left Zolicoffer was to bring 2
tents to the co & that the rest wou
-ld be sent by wageons but
we have not got them yet nor
do I think we will I do not
know when we will leve her
nor whar we will go Gen Jackson
Brigade is her I Supose to be in
redness to go whar most needed
you have herd no dout about
Daved [1] being wounded I left
him last Saturday 25 miles East
of Strawbery Planes I left the 9th
day after he was Shot he was on the
mend had got So he could Set
up in the bead & eate & talk
[page 2]
He was Shot in the throat the
ball pased under his collar bone
& was cut out the back of the Sholder
blade he was Shot alls in the
right arm & in the year he is
at a good house & doing well
the dificulty was with a man
by the name of Scott a
Sergt in the ordinance de
-partment he has bin a capt
but his com has bin disbanded
I understand by men that
was thar & saw it that Dave
was not to blame in the lea
-st Scot was drunk & was qua
rling with welsh & dave
was trying to git them to quit
& Scott turned his pistol from
welch & Shot at dave wounding
him in the arm I supose they
then shot time about Scott
is badly wounded some
Say dangerous
[page 3]
tho beter at last acounts
Father I think it is uncertin
when I can git to go home as
there is no ferlowing now in
this department we are under
Gen Jackson & he is under
Gen Buckner who comands
this division, the toomp
Stones was not done as I
come along the work man
Said he would finish them
in 3 week from that time
I left the money with a
friend in Knoxvill to pay
him when the Stones is
Shipt they will be shipt
to Sweet water unless I
direct diferantly I dont
want you to pay eny thing no
how till I see you father I
have had only one leter from
you pleas write me often
I have not herd from home
[page 4]
I left coco Creek if I live
I will See to giting the tomm
Stones home & Seting them
up if not I want you to
be sure to See to it as it is
the last thing we can do
For the Loved ones that is
gone from us
Father give my respects
to inquiring frends
tell mother [2] I have not 
fergot her
your Son
S. Whitaker
James Whitaker Sen

  1. his son, David Whitaker
  2. his stepmother
May 8, 1863


Co. H, Walker’s Battalion, Thomas’ North Carolina Legion
Residence (County): 
Buncombe County, NC


Residence (County): 
Davidson County, NC


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From Note: 
"Camp near Green ville"


To State: 
North Carolina
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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
April, 2011

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