Clinton May the 3rd

Dear Beloved Companion I am
Again Blessed with the privaledge of Seting down
to Rite you A few lines to let you know that
your husband is yet Alive and in good helth
thank god for Spareing my unprofitable life
to See Spring Again and will the lord grant
that these lines may Reach you in due time and
find you and my Beloved Children all well and
hearty it will soon Be A year Since I have Bin
torn A way from you By the Rude hand of war
and yet I am Blessed with helth and Strenth and
you was all Alive and well the last time I heard
from you which was ABout one month Ago that is
A long time to Never heare from my family and
I Cant tell the Reason that I dont git No letters
I have Rote more or less evry week I Supose that
you are worked to death trying to git in A crop
is the Reason I dont git the letters for I Never
hear from her No more I have No News to Rite
to you only I am well got plenty to eat and plenty
to ware and I see No hopes of peace this Summer
[page 2]
Some things I want to know
has the mare Got over Being lame or Not
did any of your Sheep dy how many have you got
is the Cattle all alive do you git any milk
has the heifer got a Calf wher is the Bulls
have you got A Nice Garden this year and do
you think my presance would help it any
and where have you got planted in Corn and
wher in Cane Now please answer these questions
and have them Rote 2 or 3 times So I will Be Shure
to git them and Rite what your tax is this
year and try to have it Setled the first Chance
I walked out 5 miles yestarday and Bought A gallon
of Butter milk for 75 cts and 18 eggs for $150 and
I go A fishing evry day or So and ketch some fish
and I live and Board at the Same place Rite
if you have eggs at your house
I must Close But I Cant Stop without
Beging you to Not wean my Baby and kiss
my Children in Rememberance of me
Oh I want to Be at home = at home =
=at home= yours while I live
to his wife at home
[page 3]
my Dear little Boys I Rote to sis and in
A few days you Shal hear from me I
Sent you some fishooks las week Be
Smart and help your mother all you
Can I hope pat [pat = pap?]
will Be at home
Next year to help
you work tell
mother to Rite
to pap and dont
let her for get it
[page 4]
for pap Rites Evry day or two to you and
it has Bin A month since I heard from
you you must Not Be Bad Nor Run
A Bout on Sundy Stay with mother
and play with
william and wardel
and dont forget
your father
fare well

May 3, 1863


Co. C, 58th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Yancey County, NC


Residence (County): 
Yancey County, NC


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To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
April, 2011
Not listed
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