Dalton Ga June the 20th 1857
to Mr and Mrs Dalton
Dear Ant and uncle thes lins leave us all well
but Jane she is in bad health and has bin
ever since she was out thar she first had a
spell of the newmoney fevar and has not bin
well since I hope when thes lins coms
to hand thay will find you all well and doing
we reseived your letter and was glad to hear from
you all but sorry to hear of your bad
luck or missfortune or I dont now whether I
out to say missfortune for we now we have
to give up our children sooner or later we no
we all have to die some tims I think it is a
grate triel to have to give up my little children
that is gone to rest that I have no douts of
O ant I wish I cold see you all but it is
a long road to travel I wish you and uncle
wold move out hear I think you cold do
a gradeel better here than you can thare and
you had better come and try it tims is vary
prospes at this time wheat crops is so good
that it puts the people in hy spirets the
people say that wheat is better tha it ever
was be fore corn looks verry well considerin the
late spring I must tel you about my guarden
I have a slendid guarden at this time I have
a most any thing that you can call for to eat
that groos and plenty of it I must tel
you what an awful site I saw last week
I went to Lafayette and saw a man
by the name of William Mitchel hung
there was no telin at the people that was there
to see the site he talked be fore he was hung he said that
[page 2]
he was wiling to go and was prepard to meet his
good in pease I never heard any person talked
pretty in my life than he did he semed to be
as wiling to go as I am to go to church and
I no I am wiling to go thare for I did want
to go so bad to day that I cant compose my
mind a nuf to hardly write but it raind
so that I cold no go it is our qurtly meating
at this time we are a going to have a sabbath
school selabration the fourth of July I wold
aske you all to come and eat with us if i thought
it was worth while for I gess you wold not come if
I wast to ask you to come I think we will have
a nice picnic for the children to enjoy on the 4th
Mr Fords gone up to the tunel to his works and will
be gone some time I wold have rote soner but
he said that he wold write to you but he has
so mutch to do that he dont get time to write
only when he is copeld to he is all most run down
all the time he has got two brick yards to
sea to he has got a kind of a fectionary to sell his
ice he maks ice creem and lemonade and codys
and all kind of nuts and sush thing that is to
tedious to metion and all of it keeps him
bisey William and his famley is well the people
is generly healthy about Dalton at this time
Aunt you must let the girls come and see this country
so I must come to a close I want you to be shore
and write to us and write a long letter if you
cant find a nuf to write get your neighbor to
help I dont car what it is so it is somthing to read
give my best rspects to all inquiring
friends so no more think of me Mary A B Ford
Timothy Ford

June 20, 1857



Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC
wife of Smallwood Jefferson Dalton
Residence (County): 
Greenville County, SC


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To State: 
South Carolina
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Michael Ellis
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July, 2014
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