June the 19th 1862
Orangeburg D[ist?] [1]
My Dear Husban
I now embrace this opertunity of addressing
you with a few lines wich leaves me tolerable well the
baby is quite poorly this day or two she was taken very
sick last night I supose she must have had a greping
or Colick, I did not sleep any till after two oclock
I give her first a dost of laudnum it did not seem to do
any good, so I did not no what to do I though[t] I would
try castor oil so I got a teaspoon full down her in about
half an hour she apeared more easy she seams better
this morning the oil has not operatid yet, I hope she
may sill mend and soon get well she had got quite
harty and as fat as she could be and as mischievous
as ever Dear John I trust in god these lines may reach
you well and enjoying good health as you ever did and in
good spirets I have not received any letter yet this
weak from you Dear John we have great excitement
up hear now: your Father was down hear yesterday
and telling me about the battle one James Island [2]
last sunday and monday our loss being great
he named over several to my nowing that ware killed
[page 2]
and is now brought home to berried William Amicker
is to be berried to day at ball swamp church Henry Hoover
also was berried yesterday Wiley gipson dioner jestice
and many others I could name I supose you have heard
of it before this time great god you cant imagine
my feelings towards you it may be by this time
you have had to go in battle. I do think it would
kill me if I sould hear or see you killed by a
Cussed yan kee the last acount I had they was
sill fiting furiously.. I wat to hear from you
so bad I dont no what to do how you are getting along
and how your fare is now I like very mutch if
I had a chance to send you somthing that you could
eat as you cant get to come home atall eny more
I want to see you so bad I cant tell you on paper
for it is undescriable I give anny I could but see
you come home in good health and as lively as ever
I would then feell as I never expect to feell againe
while I live it is with sorrow I pen these words My heart
feeles now as if broken you are exposed to so may
dangers I cant see mutch cance for you to fight
[page 3]
your way through safte without some accident
one way or other hapening to you before I will ever
be permited to see you agan it is all my crave
to see you once more this side of eturnety
if I should live to see the time when victory
will be yours and my loving John can return
home with honours that will be respcted as
longe as you live and even to your children
children if you should be so fortunate is ever to
have any of them, it is this that cheer me
when I refect upon things how they are going on
down there you never say any thing about
your musick how you are getting along with
it, I would like to k[n]ow it is I under stood Old
mr Carrow was in Orangeburg last sunday weak
if he can get furlows why cant you two
I cant see how it is some com come and others cant
come atall I Still hope for better time down there
with you and do trust the time wont be longe
before we will meet never to be parted anny
more by wars thus torn apat,
[page 4]
Dear John your corn look very fine it is large enough
for peas to be planted now, some is out in tasles
conner is Just don fineshing the pease below the store
house the middle of the rowes lacted twow fureows
of being done it is now all broke up the next thing is to
plant the peas the potatoes look very fine promising
Kiett is hoing corn dayly some times ketch him
liing down as[l]eep in the field this is the 3 time
I have him to whip every day the corn is all howed except
this little peace below the store house Dear John I more
to do now than I ever did I have my wood to bring out of the
woods and I have to cart it up and every thing to do my
self I have not spun a broach since you left home I see
anny time to spin & can do to keep the garden clean and
other things [Srenah?] is s[t]aying with me this weak she is
going home Saturday I am so lonesome I do not no what to do
I have bin thinking about trying to get July Hoover to stay with
me a little while if you have no objection so you must rite to
me about the matter I am in heart for nothing enny more till I
see my loving John for god sake come home as soon as you can I must
close by saying except and indying hug and kiss from your loving wife
written for Mr J J Jefcoat R. E. Jefcoat

  1. corner of page torn
  2. one = on
June 19, 1862


Residence (County): 
Orangeburg County, SC


Co. D, 20th South Carolina Infantry
Musician, Private, Sergeant
Residence (County): 
Orangeburg County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina
To Municipality: 
To County: 

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Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
February, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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