June the 25th 1862. Lex.Dis
My Dear Husban
I have received yours dated 17th whitch was
a great satisfaction for me to read, to learn that you
ware well in good healt once more which I hope may
continue with you. Dear John I am not well my self I
have bin sick ever seence saturday I have the jaw ache and
tooth ache my Jaw is swolen very mutch I can hardly
swallow I am sick all over I think a kiss and
huge a good nights sleep with you would cure
me: Dear John I cant see how it is some can come home
as recruits being a little sick and you cant Get to come
home atall I think you have bin puny ever since
you have bin down there and was not allowed to
come home this thing troubles me very mutch I want
you to get sick and appear very bad of[f] and see if they
will give you a sick furlow to come home once more
you must be sure to try this is the only cance I see
for you to get to come home if you new how bad I wanted
to see you you would do anny thing to get a cance
to come home so I will look for you as soon as you
get this letter with all my soule and heart will I
looke for the [vry?] loving John once more
[page 2]
Dear John I have noting of mutch importance to write
you at this time Dear John I have received the tings
you sent me two hoop S[k]irts and card of butens yours
shirt an drawers also your s[h]oes and two pare of socks
the hoops being very mutch damaged they have
rusted the look like they ware died yellow. I
dont care for that if it donot make them rottin and
easy to break, they are very nice ones. I am very mutc
pleased with thim, I could not buy sutch in a store
for less than five or six dollars so you done me a
kind favor by getting them for me I am very mutch
abide to for your trouble untill you are better paid [1]
Dear John can you imagine how I felt when I
saw your cap it apeard to I could see you features
it made me feel so bad to see your cap come home without
you it look so natural Just as it did the morning you
left me: I cant tell you my feeling now I am about
crazy about you Oh my Dear I want to see you
so bad I do not no what to do I hope and trust in god
the time will not be longe more before I will see my
Dear John again well and hearty full of life in good
Spirits like a good soldier die at his post
[page 3]
Dear John there is one thing I require of you I want
you to have your likeness taken Just as you are
when on perade with your instrument in your
hand I want it to look at and for sisy when she gets
large enough to take care of it, you must be sure to hav
i done soone as posable and if you cant come home
to bring it you must send it the first chance you
get and I will be a thousand times ablidest to you for your [2]
trouble, I would freely give anny ting for it if I chance
to get it, so cant you if you please have it taken and so
I may have someting to look at when you are far away from
me I dramp last night you ware home I think you
ware in the bed wit me ware talking with each other
I though[t] you looked very hearty better than I ever saw you
Oh how bat I felt when I woke up and found you [3]
gone I felt about for you but found none.
Oh how bat I want to see you and sleep with you and
kiss you it has bin a longe time since I had the
pleasure of all these enjoyiments
you must be agood soldier and live as though ever day was your
last day you had to live so when you go in to battle
if this could be your lot to fall an the battle field Oh may
[page 4]
your soule be taken on ange[l]s whing to that better world
whare you will sorrow no more trouble will be done with
you for you no this world is filled up with trials and
c[r]osses which we all have to bare Oh may it be gods will to save
you from all hands of the enemy and at last conqer them and
send them back whare they come from.. I understand in your letter
you had a hope altho it was gloomy thank god for that
I love to hear you talk that way I feel like the time wont
be longe before you will be at freedom we must have faith to
believe and put all our trust in god who is able to save us from all
harme oh may this be your daily s[t]udies to prepare to met god in
peace and all will be well with you when the hour comes
Dear John the baby is quite well at time she was not sick but two
days and night she is now quite harty and look fine againe
she oftin calls pa por little ting she want to see pa so bad
Dear John you must excuse me for not writing in my other letter
of receiving the stamps you sint me I got 2 the first time the next time
you sint me four wich I thank you very mutch for I wish I had room
to write more if you are like me you would not care if any letters was as
longe again you must write me soon as posable this leaves your
A sweet Kiss an for Afectionate Wife R. E. Jefcoat (Mr John. Jefcoat
My Dear John) you must excuse bad writin [????????] [4]

  1. abide = obliged
  2. ablidest = obliged
  3. bat = bad
  4. bottom of page folded over
June 25, 1862


Residence (County): 
Orangeburg County, SC


Co. D, 20th South Carolina Infantry
Musician, Private, Sergeant
Residence (County): 
Orangeburg County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina
To Municipality: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
February, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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