Sullivans Island Novemb 5th 1862
Dear Wife I had the pleasure of receiving yours dated
Oct 3rd but I supose you intended it for the 30 or 31st but
made a misstake in the date, however I have received
it and was Extreamly glad to heare from you and that
you ware all well and I hope good helth may continue
with you all as for myself I am still a little puny but
better than I was a few days ago, Dear Wife I have no
news to right to you of interes Evry thing appears quiet
heare still, but wee cant tell how long it will remain
so, wee are Expecting the Enemy Evry day the woman
in Charleston have orders to hold themslfs in Rediness to
leave at a Moments warning that looks like tha must
Expect Something to be don after a while
you spoke in you letter of wishing me to Subcribe for
the paper I spoke of I will doe so but I think it would
be best for you to speake to Fed concearning the
matter and see upon what condishion the club
will bring them from Orangeburg for you as you
have no one to send in you turn it would be best
for you first to come to some understanding with the club
and then right to me and I will send the paper
amediantly, the letter you sent by capt Dannelly
have come safe to hand As for our band it is giting
along verry well wee have bin going on dress perade
Ever sience a day or too after you left I like the
teacher verry well wee git along fine together,
you also spoke about winter clothing whether I needed
Enney or not I cant say that I perticularley need
Eenney right at the pesant time but it would be
well enough for you to have them don as soon as you can
conveniently you also stated in your letter that you
felt that you and sisey was left in such a lonly
and desolate condishion and that you had had some
large frost and verry coal nights and felt much
in need of me to try to comfort you in your disstress
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I ashore you that nothing could give me
greater pleasure than could I be permited
to Relieve you of all of those lonsom disadvanteges
and troubles which you have to undergo nothing could
give me greater pleasure than than to return to my home
in peace and when you speake of grief and trouble
you must Remember that I have my sheare of
that too never the less of corse I am sorry for you
and what is worse than all I see no chance of a furlough
I am almost give up all hope of Ever giting one,
no doubt I could stand a much better chance to git off
if I ware not in the Band, but if Eney of you git sick at
home I will give it a verry hard trial I see others can
git off in such caces and I would try to do the same
Deare Rachel thire one request I have to make of you
and that is this I would be glad if you could have me
a good pair of wolin gloves knit by some good kniter
up theire in the country as the weather is giting
coal and I verry Much in need them I also would have
no objection if you could git your Father to have me
a good pair of shoes made as I understan he has Bought a
suply of leather, and I think it would be well for
you to git him to have shoes made for yourself and sisey
you could git him to use the leather you have at home
for uppers for yourself and sisey so as to let it go as fare as it
would and pay him for the balance, it would be well
for you to look to this in time before your pa uses all
his lether up the shoes I have is begining to breake prity
smart the shoes and boots I left at hom you must keep
them greesed tha will do verry well for me to weare about home
if I should live to Ever git back again I kno tha would not laste me
Enney time on this Island that the reson I had rather have new
ones made Shearoad will no what sise last to make mine on B. Livingston
and myself wares the same size shoes only mine should be a little the longist
My love and and Respect for yourself and little sisey a ciss
Mrs R. E. Jefcoat your affectionate Housband John. J. Jefcoat

November 5, 1862


Co. D, 20th South Carolina Infantry
Musician, Private, Sergeant
Residence (County): 
Orangeburg County, SC


Residence (County): 
Orangeburg County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina
To County: 

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Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
February, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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