Sullivans Island April 12th 1863
Dear Wife this pleasant Sabath day
I take pleasure in seating myself to
comunicate to you a few lines which Leaves
me quite well hoping this may reach you
injoying the best of helth Dear Wife the
statement I give you on the 7th inst of the
fight we had heare on that day was not
altogether correct as I did not at that time
no the damage we had don to the gunboats
sience I findout when tha went back
near the bar one of them sunk I can now
see its smoke stack Just out of the water
the rest is said to be badly injured I
can see them hard at worke on them
Evry day reparing them no doubt tha
are badly hurt or tha would have payed
us another visit before this time one of
the boats was seen to steem off the next
morning in the direction of portroil
said to be so bady damaged tha she was
sent theire to be repaired the rest
[page 2]
are heare still in sight one a verry
large one called the ironsides she is said
to in such a condishion that it is all tha
can doe to keep her from sinking but
tha are buisy at work and perhaps may
repair and givie us another brush in a few days
but I think it doutfull if tha come aga
in as tha did before I believe tha will
be more of them sunk than was before
theire was another vesil run a shore on
the beach of long Iland last night by the
blockaders the capt and crue set her
on fire and went ashore on long Island
she is now burning she is said to be
loaded with guns and aminishion
Dear Rachel I feel verry much at a Loss
today as I have not got a line from you
to read the other day when wee ware
attacted I threw Evry letter I had
in the fire and burnt them not nowi
=ng what might be the consiquencies and
in whose hands tha might fawl I burnt them
[page 3]
sience I am sorry I did no hold on to them a
little longer as I have not got a word from you
Dear Wife to read but hope I will git one
tomorrow Dear Rachel I am afraid this
attact as going to caus it to be a long time
before I git to see you altho I am notmuch
afraid of their taking chaleston but I Expec
=ct tha will stay heare for some time and
deavle us until tha findout tha cant
take the city and then leave and about
that time I Expect wee will be sent to
verginia I saw a letter Esturday Eavning
from George Furtick dated the 6th inst
he states that he is on black water river
verginia injoying good helth and fairing
finely giting as much fish as he wants to
Eate he state that he is informed by col
Livingston that General Jinkens has gon to
Rachmond for the purpos of trying o
git this Regt sente to his brigade and he
thinks he would git us theire by the first
of June unless chaleston was likely to be attacted
[page 4]
so you see if the yankes was to leave heare it
is uncertain how long wee would remain
ourselfs when wee shal meet again and you are
a ware of the anciety I have to see you as I have
stated in other letters I would like to have
your advise on this matter in regard to what
I should doe in the case for one person hardly
Ever wants to see another as bad as I doe you
to think of my st day day pasing away and what
pleasure do I see Dear Rachel I have sent home
in a box with Gerge and Joshua Harley 1 pr of pants
1 shirt whomspon and 1 pr of shoes the box was directed
to Henry Harley George ses he will right to his
mother to send them to you Dear Rachel if I
new the Enemy would leave heare before
Henry came down I would say for you
to be shure to come with him but that I cant
tell but I you will heare more about it before
he comes Rachel I would like no if you heard the
gins home when the ware fighting heare right often
accept the best wishes of your affectionate J J Jefcoat

April 12, 1863


Co. D, 20th South Carolina Infantry
Musician, Private, Sergeant
Residence (County): 
Orangeburg County, SC


Residence (County): 
Orangeburg County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina
To County: 

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Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
February, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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