August the 28th 1863
Lexington District
My Dear John
I once more embrace another opertunity of writing
you a few lines wich leaves me in fine health & sisy also, as,
I do sincarely hope this may reach you on a mend better than usual
Dear John I have Just received yours of the 18.19 inst wich I aught
to got last maile I supose the ware misplaced some how or other
so to day is two weeaks since I heard a word from you and to day
I have missed getting anny one frome you since the 19th
Is it not miserable to be so disaponted when you are so anxious
to heare I am at a loss what to construe perhaps you are two sick
to rite to me if so you are excusable and not without you dont
no how sad I fell when I miss hearing from you every weeak
My Dear I have nothing of importance that would interest you
at the present time. My Dear I am sorry to heare of the destruction
about Charleston I am lisning every day to heare of it being
burnt to ashes and what will be the result then I cant imagine
I see on the papers where Boragard ses the will fight street by street
as long as they have a foot of grount to fight on. My Dear I am sory
that you health are to bat home is the propper place for you
when you are not able for duty but I cant say those that
are home now while they whole freedom is at stake and they
are not at there post. My Deare John if you have to dye in the
battle of Charlestown dye like herow never give up as longe
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as you see anny one else, strugling for freedom you are contid
the best soldier up heare among the most of them that old Jones
so I hope you will still remaine so the name is looked at by every
body, but if a poor sldier dyes wht credit then is showne to him
I would feel better if you could come home if it was but a short time
to stay and I cant help from looking for you every day some how
I think you come home before many more days longer I hope so
I cant tell you how bad I do want to see you by writing as it is A [???]disarebable
and sisy is very anxious to see pa too we are always talking abut you every day
My Dear I could write all day on this subject, but I now change the disorde
[??] paper is very costy Dear John your Father as now gon to mill with your
wheat [Huckeys?] I have kept in resurve 4 ½ bushel an may have it
planted for seed, you Father ses he cant have it attende so he will
have nothin more to do with it, so I inten trying to get my Fathe to plat
it for me I have spoken to him concerning it already he ses he will
see abut it if has openland enoughf and it would be as good plan
as any to sell all the flour, except one berrel and the midling as
flour will be a good price after while and pay your debts with the
money, your cows look in good order and hogs also corow he is not
so fat as he is neglected I cant give a full history this time so I will come to
a close My best love and respects to you and sisy sends how dye to pa and
a heep kisses I dream of you ever nigth last nigth I dreamed I you ware fashing
down neare fort sumter on the big water interpret my dream R E Jefcoat mr J.J.Jefcoat

August 28, 1863


Residence (County): 
Orangeburg County, SC


Co. D, 20th South Carolina Infantry
Musician, Private, Sergeant
Residence (County): 
Orangeburg County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina
To Municipality: 
To County: 

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Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
February, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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