James Island So Ca
June the 12th 1862

Dear Martha
I seat my self to ans-
wer your kind and affectionate
letter which I was favored to receive
and to learn you were all well
This leaves me well I am quite
tired haveing just returned from
picket the Regiment all go at once
we were out a day and night be
fore we came back to camps a gain
we can see the yankee pickets all
times of the day when we
are out last tuesday evening
the yankees attacked our men and
the Regiment was ordered out and
marched to the feild of action
Col Hagoods Reg did not get in the fight
the 47th Georgia Regiment was
engaged in it and suffered consid
-erable some fifteen killed and twenty
wounded the shells flew all
round me but none was hurt
[page 2]
it is thought we will go back to
Charleston before much longer
and I hope it is so for I dont
like this place much I think
it is a sickly place though I
have as good health as I ever
had in my life and I hope and
trust that the Lord will dontinue
to bless me with all needed bless-
ings and the government of the
south I was truly sorry to hear
that your Mother was sick and
to hear it was thought she could not
recover. you said you wanted
to go to see her I know you
want to go and I am sorry
for you but I had rather you
would not go there if I had my
wishes. not that I have any thing
against your Mother I would like to see
her myself you know my reasons
for not wanting you to go there
[page 3]
if you will go do not carry
the children with you for I do not
want them to go there at all
I do not want people to say they
have to support my children
you know who I mean when I
say that if other people have
to support them I think it
will be done without his have
ing it to do while my Father
lives I do not think they will
suffer untill I return to them
I do not say for you not to go but
I had rather you would not do so
John come to us last tuesday night
a bout nine o clock he left Charles
ton at sunset and walked to
camps that night he is well
he went back to Charleston
yestoday after the boxes he brou-
ght down I was very glad to
get the victuals you sent me
I had been out 24 hours and
when I come in I was hungry
it tasted fine I can tell you
[page 4]
say to Father I will write to him
as soon as I get the chance also
Tell the girls I will do the same
we have very little time to write
now haveing so much to do
you wrote to me some time ago
to know if I have got the socks
you sent by S. M. Key I got
them and thank you for sen-
ding them John brought me
two pair of gloves which was
thankfully received. E H Harley
wishes to be remembered to you
all and says tell the girls he
will write to them soon
I must close by saying I
hope this may find you
well and enjoying Gods blessing
Tell Jimmy I will write to him
and Ida some time next
week. I remain your ever
loveing husband untell
Death Joseph .A. Drummond

June 12, 1862


Co. G and Co. E, 1st South Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Barnwell County, SC


Residence (County): 
Barnwell County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina

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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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