James Island So Ca
June 26th 1862

My Dear wife I seat myself
to write to you once more I have
wrote you two letters since I have
received one from home I am very
anxious to hear from you I
cant imagine what can be the
cause of my not gitting a
letter from you I cant think you
would neglect writing to me
after my telling you that I
wanted to hear from you all
at least once a week if you
have received them I sent
you and have not answered
them. I shall think very hard
of it I can tell you I have
thought you did not get them
as Father said they had got
up a club to go to Williston
for letters and I directed them
to that place I shall send
this one to Barnwell and see
[page 2]
if it is in the fault of
mynot Directing to the right
place I want you if you get
this to write to me where you
want me to direct letters to
and how and whether you
have wrote one to me since
the 12th as that is the last
on I have received
John got a letter from his
wife last night that was
wrote last sunday and she
said you were all well and
I hope and pray that it
was so for no one can tell
the uneasiness I felt a bout
you and the children I have
imagined some of you were sick
and you would not let me know
it I hope and trust it is
not the case but since John
his letter saying you were
all well
[page 3]
I have come to the conclusion
you have wrote to me and I
have not got them by some
bad management in the mail
arrangement. I have nothing
new to inform you of we are
still on James Island about
seven miles from Charleston
and I do not know how long
we will have to remain here
the duty is not as hard as
it has been and we get more
to eat and it is a little better
than we have been in the
habit of getting every thing seems
to be quiet here there is
no scrumage taken place since
the fight and I hope that there
wont be any more fighting on
this Island This leaves me in
the enjoyment of good health
doing as well as camps afford
[page 4]
There is some sickness in the Regt
Basil Burckhalter has got the
jaunders pretty bad but is getting
better John and all the rest of
them from Joices Branch are
well and getting along finely
I hope and pray that you may
receive this and that it may find
you and the children well also
Father and the girls and all
the neighborhood you must
write to me how all the things
are getting on and how the crops
are and how the graps peaches
apples and water melons look
I must come to a close by
saying write soon I remain
your ever loveing husband
Joseph A. Drummond
Direct to James Island so ca
company E
1st Regt S C V

June 26, 1862


Co. G and Co. E, 1st South Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Barnwell County, SC


Residence (County): 
Barnwell County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
December, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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