Sullivans No 13 Dect 19th 1861
Island S. C.

Dear Father
I Seat My Self to knight to Let you no
the times hear we have orders to pack up
to knight they is thirty vesls in Site at
present we are loocking for A fight to
knight Dect 20th 1861
Father I Seat My Self A gain to knight
to write; all is quiet in the Camps to knight
we have had No attack to Day though
times Locks very promising for A Battle
their is thirty five vesels in Site to knight
we have bin very bisey to day throwing
up Sand banks for our protection our
Suppior officers think we will have to fight
to morrow fort Moultrie & Sumter has
bin triing the raing of their guns to Day
Father ill tell you it Makes A fellow feel
Sorter courrious to See So Many vesels &
to See fort Sumter fireing their big guns
I have heard Some good News to Day I Learn
they had A fight yesterday down on the
coast at A city called pocotalago I Lern
that our Brave boys gaind the victore
whitch was A glorious one two
I am well to knight & enjoying good
health tern over No 13
[page 2]
I wrote on the other page that their was
thirty five vesels in Site I have Lernd that
their is Sixty in Site those thirty five I
Saw with my one eyes but the gard boat
in Charleston Reports Sixty in Site to
knight Father I have bin call to the dore
Since I have bin writing to Loock at the
Blockeade I tel you it Loocks like A city
on fire almost Since I have bin writing
to knight the Camp is geting prety Smart
excited it is the general opion the time
is geting Near of Batle the general
Clinch is blowing her whistle continuly
She is Disterb Very Much
Saterday Morning Dect 21st 1861
we slept sound Last knight & we
had No attack yet the camp is
quiet this Morning though the vesels
is in Site yet from what I have Lern
this Morning I dont think they
wil be any attack at this place
I Lern the yankes is Sincking their
vesels that is old Shels to block
eade the chanel their blockeade is
to exspincive & they are filing up
the chanel with old shels of vesels
Loded with Stone this is My
thirteenth Leter to you
[page 3]
on Last wendsday the enemy mad
and attack on our troops at port Roil
& I Lern that they whipt our fellows
& they Retreated tweve Miles
& on thersday they mad an attack
A gain and our troops whipt them
Severaly I have not Lern the Lost
of the enemy yet I Suposed we
did not yet get A man cill
I Lern we have fifty thousand
troops on the coast I think that
is Men A Nough to whipe the hole
North france and Engling has Received
our indepindance & has Reased A
Serthen blocade to Crush the North
the yankes dont think they have Ships
ANough to balance with Englin that
is the Reason they are Sincking their
vesels in the Chanels is to keep Engling
from Coming in to our ceaporte & harbor
I Lern that Engling has got Eighty vesels
on the way to Serthern ports
Father I have hern that you are al wel this
week Mister Lowery Came Down this week
& he also tells me the News that their is
in Pickens he tels Me times is very
exciting in Pickens ill tell you it Makes
Me Mad to hear exciting times
[page 4]
Evry Leter I get or Every time I hear
from Pickens it is exciting times their
I Cant see what makeds it when
you Live so far from the war
we are Right hear in Site of the
enemey Every Day and excitements
is the Least of our thoughts
I Suposed you have got My other
Leter whitch I wrote of the berning
of Charleston in My Last Leter
to you I Sent half dollars worth
of Leter Stamps write to me whether
you got them or Not & write wheter
you got the Money I Sent to you
or not & write wheter you got two
Sacks of Salt or not I Never have
Lernd of you geting but once
write whether Patrick Miller brought
Docters Sea Shels or not
I must Bring my Short Leter to A
Close I will Send this by J J Lowery
& I also Send you A present of two
maps one of Vergina one of the Coast
of South Carolina I pead 75 cts
for the two A perpous for you
this Leavs Me well
Oliver Martin Wm. T. Martin

December 19, 1861


Col. F, 1st Regiment, Orr's Rifles, South Carolina Volunteers
Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC


Residence (County): 
Pickens County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Jennifer Fields
Transcription Date: 
October, 2008
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2008

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