Camps Near Winchester Nov 18th /62
Sarah J. McGowin
Dear sister
this morning I will endeaver to write you
a few lines to inform you of our where abouts
heal &c. these few lines leaves us all in
good health & still thriving I truly hope this
may reach & find you the same. we hav better
health in Camps at this time than ever before
since we have bin out Alex & Jo looks as well
as could be expected. & as for my self I can say
with safety that I look 50 percent better than I
did on leaving home tell mother I think she
has no idea how well I look tell her if
I keep on growing like I hav bin since I left
home till peace is made she cant I will be
so big she cant hardly make me behave
my self. I am getting so big now it seems
like that I cant hardly get enough to eat
though we make out tolerably well for
we hav lear[n]t how to hash beef head lime
trips &c I tell you you ought to jest see us. as
for making homeny thats nothing. we
can hav that every meal if we want to for we
dont burn any sort of wood but oak wood & we
can boil the ashes & make as much lie as we want
to lie our momeny with. they ant so much
foolishness on the other side
[page 2]
[we drew our pay sat?]terday though it wont do [1]
us much good for there is nothin here for us
to buy with it though what little there is it cost us about
5 times what it is worth. we bough 1 peck of Dried
peeches the other day & pade 4 dollars for them
Apels is 50 cts per Dozen Pork is 35 cts per Lb
every thing elce in accordance I will hav to
quit writing for this for I will hav to go to
cooken orders has come for us to cook 2 days rations
therefore I Judge we will hav to march soon though
I hav no idea where we will go you must all write
if we move letters will be forwarded our address
is Winchester Tenn. as before Woods Brigade
Give Jacob & Becca my love also Give all
inquiring friends my respects if there should
be any. if you cant make sence of it revers it
& look at it write
Sarah write me something about the
girls for they wont write themselves & I recon
I want to hear from them some times
Write soon for we
are all anxious to hear from home for
we have not hearn a word since Jacob
maning left there
Nothing more only as
ever your Brother until Death
A. L. McGowin

  1. first part of line very faded
November 18, 1862


Co. D, 16th Alabama Infantry
Residence (County): 
Conecuh County, AL


Residence (County): 
Conecuh County, AL


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Camps Near Winchester


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Michael Ellis
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April, 2013
Michael Ellis
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April, 2013

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