Mobile May 29th 1862
Dear wife
I seat my Self
this Evening to write you
a few lines to let you
know that I am well at
this time hoping that this
will find you Enjoing the
Same blessing I have wrote
to you some five or six
times and have not heard
from you but one time
I want to here from you
very mutch I am gitting
along as well as I could
Expect the duty that we
have to perform is tolerab
le hard at this time we
are trying to fortify mobile
against an attack a filling
the hulls of old boats with
brick bats and and sinking
them in the chanel of the
bay there is not a geat
deal of Sickness in comps
at this time two or three
cases of measle
[page 2]
you must write to me
as often as you can
tel Fletcher & Mr Raley &
Mr Lovless to write to
And write how crops looks
I am hemed up here in
mobile and cant git no
where at all you take the
best cear of the children you
can I want to see them
so bad you must kiss
them for me and tel
them that if it p[l]eas god
that I live that I will
be at home about the
15th of July I want you
To pray for me give
My respects to all inquiring
friends write to me as
soon as you git this the
drum has beat for roll
call so I must come to a
close by saying I remain
your affectionate husband
untill death
W V Fleming
[page 3]
PS Direct your letters
To mobile in cear of
Lietenat Miley Col Byrds
Regt I would try and git
a furlough to come home
but there is no use to
try to git unless I was
sick and I had rether stay
here twelve months than
to be sick one week
write whethe you have
heard from your farther
and mother or not since
I left home tel Susan
she must be a good girl
untill I come home
nothing more at present
but remain your affect
tionate husband untill
WV Felming
to Margaret Fleming

May 29, 1862


3rd Battalion Alabama Infantry Reserves
Residence (County): 
Covington County, AL


Residence (County): 
Covington County, AL


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Jessica Sneeringer
Transcription Date: 
April, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
May, 2013

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