November the 24 1862
Dear husban I take up my
willing pen to drop you a few
lines to let you no how my self
are I am some better then I was
when I wrote to you last weeke
and I am far from living well
now caldonia and children
is well and gives her best respects
to you and wishes you to make [???]
and come home I hird from
John last sunday and he was
well and I do hope that this
letter will find you in good
health and well sattisfide
for it has bin about 9 monts
sence you have appeard to be
sattisfide whare I was I have
not got 1 grane of salt sence
[page 2]
you left I am aliving upun
parch meal coffee and bread
with out salt I hav got no shoes
yet and my feat is on the cold
frosty ground I have not spent
1 dime of your money onely to
pay the expence of your
mair for I did not no wheather
you wished me to live of[f] ov it ot
not as John had left or not
I sent the boys overcoats them
by bill ware he went to caraw [carry]
some things for the solgers
to talladigga Mrs
hickambottom ses if you please
to in qure for perry on the bots
that sales from thare to augusta
and ef you heare or see him tell
him her sittiatin your mair
plows well but shee will
[page 3]
15 to 16 years of corne and 2
bundles of fotter and
every bat I shant have corne to
do me [????] and [luck?] sick
do not get a Quart a milk a day
and the sows are all with pig
and tha wont do to eat I cant get no salt
and Mr fuller you sed that
you thught I had cast you off
which was vary far from me
for I did not go off and leave yo
[??] I mite uv went to my children
and lived well but I tryed to
stay with you but you was
determe to leavee for ef you did
not go in the armey you intended
to live hell for in my [???????]
you had reather to
in the army and be shot then
[page 4]
stay here and perrish but
left me to perrish it is all
right I will bar it like I aught
and hope I shall not be
long in yuer way for ef peace
was made to morrow I never
expect to see you agan for that
was whot you left here for to
get shut of me so I dare not
hope ever to see you again while
I live Mr fuller sleepe is a
strange to my eys for when I
ly down at night I ly thare
thinking what was the cause
of leaveing for I never did do nothing
nor say nothing to you that I
ought naught not to sed but ef
you ar sattisfied it dont make
no owds about me I shant bee
here long fare well Mr fuller
elizabeth fuller

November 24, 1862


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
April, 2013
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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