December 22 1862

mey Dear wife wonse more tak mey pen in hand
to in form you that i am well ate this time
and i hope these few lines will find you
inJoying the same blessings i recived youers of the 15
and i was glad to heare from you and caladona but
i was sorrey to hear that you had not got noletter
from you for i hav rought ten letters sence i hav
ben here to you and i have not recived but two the last
letter that i rought to mr ware to go and bring John hom
and mak him stay thar and if he wod not stay
and doo right to tak him and ceep him till i com
hom i gav him full con trol of him and if he dose
not bhav him Self to whip him and mak him be
hav him self for i dont in tend to hav him a
stroling a bout the cuntrey and i told mr
ware that if you wantid enney thing to gittit for
you and i will pay him for his truble corn is
but one doler and twentey fiv centes a bushel now
and i think that it will b[e] cheper than that bee
fouer long if fagin Dont work the plase let sum
one els work it i am a fraid that i cant com hom
bee fouer the latter end of march un les pece is maid
befouer then i think pece is a makin vrey fast
tha will be glad to mak peece on a most enney
termes that is offerd them i want to com hom
as bad as you want me to com but i cant com when
i plese thare is no furlows goven now for the
pock is raging throu the cuntrey verey bad [1]
[page 2]
and thay wont giv inney furlous
now but as soon as that stopes i think
that i will git a chance to com hom you may
depend that i shant leev enney effort un
trid for i want to com hom so mutch that i dont
no what to doo tri and doo the best you can
til i doo com if liv i will com in march i wood
like to com home fe four but i am a frad
that i cant it is nearley night and i must
com to a cloes so fare you well at thi tim but
i re main youer afectionat hus ban untill
deth tel mr war to git John and send mee
word how he is a dooing for i am un
nesa all the tim that i dont now what
to doo So fare you well onse mor dont
think hard of me for i thought that i was
a dooing the best that i cood so fare you
well once more S L Fuller

  1. smallpox
December 22, 1862


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
April, 2013
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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