December 25 1862

Dear husban I take up my willing pen to drop you afew lines to let
you [?????] we are all well as I ever expect to bee but vary week
but caldonia ses that I have got the hissterrix about you but
I hope that those few lines will find you in good health I have not
hird from John sence I wrote to you and I have inqured of every body
that I have seen and I cant here nothing of him I have not baught
not one bushel of corn yet george Meders sent caldonia som money
and she baught 7 bushels from william Macdinet and I do not
no what I will do for them that has corn wont sell it william
ware went on cane creek to hunt corn for him self and me and
he sed that tha was corn aplenty tha would not sell it I have
not bought but halfe quarter of beafe and that cost me3 dollars and
30 sence and one pound of sault and cost me 1 dollar I do not expect
to try to get no meat ef I can get milk and bread to eat and ef I
loose my cows I no what I shall do for people is talking that cows
will be worth 50 dollars in the spring Mr millar want to sell
me his clame I told him that you wanted it but I could not by
it for I did not no wheather I should ever get enny moure money
as long as I lived or not I would wright to you about it he sed
that he could sell it but you sed that you wanted it and I
reckon you have for got you band and I no nothing about itt [1]
the tax is due I recking I have not hird from the boys sence I
wrote to you I do not no when I can wright agan or this is the
last paper that I have and I sent to chulifinia for paper
and did not get non I here that the salt compineys is acoming
in and aselling salt at sixty sence apound fagan sed that he
would go to west pount just to get some sault you can wright
in your next letter whot will bee the best and I want you to
wrigt every week for when I dont get aletter every week I get uneasey
and think everry thing but something that is good you speake of
coming home I cant flatter my self that I ever see you agan
for that happy day is to fare head for me ever to so ef you cen get
home make hast and let me so ef I shall live to se that happy day
right soon and let mee no how you are so fare well my love
Calsonia ses tell you [2]
[page 2]
Mr hill come to me with your note and I told him
that I had some money but I expected that my
land would ly Idele this yeare for fagan was
goin to the salt works and will bee gon 3 monts
and Mr hill ses that he will take your maire
and treate her well and I think that you had better
let him have her for she has most eat most all
of the corn that you mad for wee are a eating
of the corn that caldonia bought and I fead here twice [3]
a day and currier every morning and s[w]eepe out her
stall every morning and shee will eat 15 good years
at a bat and eat up every cob and a basket of shucks
for she loves shucks better than fotter I have bin giveing
the old sow the rotting corn but I shall stop that for
she has lost all of her pigs but 3 and I expect that
shee will loose them for tha all sleep all to geather I
have not fed my cows on nothing yet but I shall
soon have to feed them for I [have] to turn them out
of the feald right soon I think I had better pay hill
fare well my love Elizabeth S fuller

  1. band = bond?
  2. rest of the line cut off at bottom of page
  3. here = her, the mare
December 25, 1862


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
April, 2013
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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