jan the
O my dear husban I agan tak up my willing pen to drop
you afew lines to let you now that I s[t]ill am alive but not well
but not confined to bed the rest is well and I do hope when you
get this letter it will find you well I have let Mr hill
have the mair but it was as much aganst my will
as it wuld ben aganst yours but she had eat up all of the
corn you made onely a bout 5 bushels and I could not
1 bushel under 2 dollars and not but 10 bushels
at that Caldonia got 15 bushels from mr landers
at 1 dollar abushel and I got the same but he wante
Let 1 bushel under 2 dollars onely to Solgers
wives and he was all the one that would let me have
eny thing as a Solgers wife I took good care of your
maire I clened out her stable evry morning and
curred her my self I saw fagan was here sunday
when I got you leters and I got it and you had better
send your leters to chulifinney for I can get
them better from thare for the w[??] gose thare
twich aweek John did not take them out it was som
miss mangedment in the post master I have hird from
John he is well and aliving with aman in oxford ky
the name of talor and gets 25 aday and that is all I no
about him bill ware is gon to see his boys but
sed that he would go after him when he got
back you sed if I did not wish to wright I nede not
do it it was [?]lane case to me that if you could
wright to ware that you could write to me I thought
that you coud not for me for you sed that John was to
have all you had when you dyed I have children
that will sur pote me if I will go to them
I for got say that fagan sed that he would
tend my land if the conscript did not take him joseph
able ses that he wants som of it but I dont
[page 2]
think that fagan intendes to tind et myers tendes
where he was when you left here and old ware has
baught old pore place I am a fread that you
cant read this leter for I cant hardley write
this paper is so bad my pour child sent me this paper

from lieusiana and astamp and apen and a in vellip
to write to her pore child I have got 15 bushels of
corn and caldonia 15 and I reckon that will do us maby
you must excuse this letter for I am all most
s[???]d that month mach will never come for me
to see you come home caldonia ses you must not dispoint
us bout shee much feare you will adue my dear

husband this is from your unhappy wife
Elizabeth S Fuller

January 20, 1863


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL


Residence (County): 
Randolph County, AL

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
April, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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